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20 hours ago
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amazongrow Apprentice
Hey bros, I've been harvesting for the past couple of weeks. I took as it rippened, I hope you can get through the pictures. I had it all on one week because it's more visual to understand I guess. I had 3 batches: first a few light buds, then a second heavy weight champios and for the last the bottom part I've left an extra week of close lights for rippening. I guess they did well for the third part. Unfortunatelly I've just weighted the first batch as 146g wet, and by guessing I would say we got around 450-550g wet.. but let's wait for the final dry weight in a few weeks. They are hanging in my closet with a little help from a friend dehumidifier.

I already smoked a few of the first batch and this thing is just amazing taste, power... I guess it's probably the best smoe I've ever had.

Now, was it the new Advanced Nutrients new line or the main branch that split that got this girl this way? The best one I've grown by far in terms of potency... it's sticky, smelly, delicous and powerfulll!

I can't wait for it to cure for at least two weeks... every day it get's better. And it hits hard even dry-green.

See you in a couple of weeks with the final update!

Thanks for the visits, comments and feedback. We will be back soon with Growing in the amazon #4.

Hey guys, its been like 3 months.. two.. since I wrote this.. and now I can say: BEST SMOKE I'VE EVER HAD! JESUS!


Thcau, do Brazil!
3 months ago
amazongrow Apprentice
White Widow
Growing it
I think this plant needs some extra cal-mag for flowering, we got a few burned tips and twisting of the leaves but after all nothing would stop her. The yield was much more then I predicted. The buds are heavy and dense, full of smell and I hope flavour. I will definitely be growing again with an adapted nutrients and watering tactic.

I will updated the rest of the information as soon as I got to taste the result from the first two weeks cure.

Hello again, I'm back a few weeks later and I have tried different class buds, the B and A are awesome, and the C is just tasteful but very weak until now. The larger batches (30 and 50g) are around 10 days each, and I look forward to try some everyweek, but meanwhile im smoking the class C popcorn. Time will bring the good news. =)

Thanks for following, I hope it was fun. It was for me.

Tchau, do Brazil! =)
7 months ago
amazongrow Apprentice
Northern Lights
Growing it
I loved to grow it, it was a dream coming in true. A strong and vigorous plant from the beginning to the end. No bugs, nothing could have stoped her. She was a monster, a kind and nice monster. I miss her. I will definitely grow this strain again, old school flavour, no hermies, nothing. =)
11 months ago

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