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Howdy Benzels. I appreciate your answer to my question of topping. And YES I WANNA GROW MONSTERS! I am in the middle of the transition from tents to a room and soon I will have the ability to grow ones up to a 6 ft. Life is good. Thanks again!


@DaBeers, Your welcom. Happy to help . It also depends a bit on genetics, As sativas stretch more, some pple like to top them sooner than indicas but its up to the grower to figure out what works for them. I topped my ZkittleZ at the 4th node and then again a few weeks later and that was it. Next time I'll go 5th node. She was LST from then on and well she is a monster considering ive done my best to keep her small. Even went so far as to hardly feed during veg, just enough to avoid deficiencies and now Im loading her up with bloom nutes and just look at her!! Shes 4ft long by 4.5 ft wide by 5.5 ft tall. But my Sativa heavy Caramelo was topped by bugs at the 3rd node and it screwed her up as far as training her out went. I would have gone 5th looking back at it. My Hashy was topped at 6th or 7th and id say thats prob a bit too long for an indica now with hindsight. Hope that additional info helps.


Looks good man ! Thanks for the answer you replied too earlier , it’s definitely wher I had that hunch, thanks man , this spray particular from green planet nutrients rules , ocean magic