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Zkittlez OG Auto
Growing it
Well this was a weird 1. 135 days nearly growing. That's a long time for an auto. And she was starting to show it. Because the roots grew through the air pot grate and started drinking from the plate on wk5-6 it was like a mini DWC and turned the plant into a monster half way through leading to lots of underdeveloped bud because I had no idea it was going to get that big so I didn't do that much LST and it was too late by the time I noticed she wasn't going to be a small plant. I'd leave the run-off and any time she was hungry she drank. 3 part Harvest in all. 420 wet well 410 and around 10-15g wet in testers before 1st harvest. Then off the 2nd harvest it was 105 wet that's a total of around 530 grams wet. The 1st harvest gave back dry 97g dry from 410-430 and the 2nd was 20g dry from 105. I havent been able to get the wet weight from the 3rd part as I hung dry the whole plant. I'm guessing it'll be around 120-150 wet so in total I'd say it'll be around 660 wet, so far for dry I've gotten around 130g from 2 harvests and testers. I'll put in the real Dry weight after I trimmed up the 3rd part of her after she's been drying after 4-7 days. Will be hung in open tent in 60%RH 21c temp.

She was let rest for 24hrs and I gave 1L of water before harvest today to prolong the drying time and increase terps and draw in as much goodness to the bud as possible. Never fully trim your bud before you dry it, espically the sugar leafs as the bud draws in all sugars and increase taste and smell profile. I'd say I'll get around 150-160g dry when this last part is done.

Was a lot of fun to grow, I learnt so much from these 4 grows. It's been a real fun experience nearly as good as smoking the end product, (nearly). She's a real easy plant to grow in coco needs a cal mag supplement with base nutes and a decent micro nute. And if you are growing in soil get a good enzyme. You can use a root stim in coco but as for pure enzymes they really need soil to work best in, they work and all but they do better in soil. She takes LST/HST like a champ. My plant needed to be supercropped as the colas were getting too long so I bent them over so show them to the light. Go back over my wk 15 and you'll see her full size, she got so top heavy she HST'ed 3 colas and 2 stems. Thankfully I was able to get the RH lower in time to get decent bud as she's not mad about high RH, as I seen this is my zkittkez organic which finished up 6 wks ago and went through 60+ RH right up until harvest nearly. Was ok bud and all but didn't come close to the strength to this. As it was a 3 part harvest the 1st 2 harvests have given 2 dif types of zkittlez the 1st leans more on the indica side 75/25 But the 105 g wet came out 50/50 And has a much more full bodied high.

Will be good to grow again as a much more experienced grower, I'll knock it out of the park for sure. But for a 1st grow 150+g of dank bud is pretty darn good. When this last part in finished I'll put up a detailed smoke report. And what G/W I got from all 5 plants under a 100 watt in a 70x70x160
Thanks for reading.

Total from all 5 plants. 354 from a 100 watt light. 3.54 G/W. Not to bad from a 70x70 space and a beginner.
3 weeks ago
Tangerine Dream Auto
Growing it
Well, where do I start with this one. She was the biggest pain in the arse, she came down with tox after def after tox after stall then bang boom bash we got a mini monster on our hands. I'm putting down the fact that I destroyed her nearly by trying her on pre loaded soil and straight onto bloom after her transplant from coco into coco/soil, that was a total disaster btw. She went straight into N tox, nearly, very killed her off. She stalled. I would strongly suggest you read my diary wk 2-5 To see where she stalled and why she did and how I fixed her.

5 nodes in total, not sets 2.5sets. Nodes were 65-70cm long, all buds sat nicely above pot and buds on top were bending over being top heavy. Yes, there was very little stigma at the very ends of the nodes and lowest bud sites but even most of them had gone orange amber pistils, very few white pistils. As for how I increased the Trich, I was able to get the RH right down into the 50(s) and was able to bring her about and she tripled in frost and resin. Nice long cloudy trichomes surround her sugar leafs that will make for great smoke, bubble hash or whatever. She stinks of orange zest with the hint of another citrus fruity scent with a small hint of tangerine in the background. She'll be a weed to cure for sure. I took a 12g wet tester of her 2 wks ago and was lovely and all. But wasn't there yet, as it was a bit harsh. She was still heavily eating so, no more testers I just wanted to see was she a lemon before I turned on my dehuimifier to sort out the RH was around 40-45% for the last 2.5 wks of her grow, through pre flower it was 60+ mid 50-55 would of been nice to get it lower than that as 35-45 is needed from pre-flower right up until harvest.

As for drying, I'm doing a little test. Fast dried weed 2 day 55%RH 21-23c VS slow 10-14 day hang dried in 60% RH with a temp ranging from 19-21c. Smoke reports will follow.

289.8+12 Gram Wet of really dank frosted out bud. Around 90+ grams of this will be stalk and fan leafs and that. Dry weight will added of course without fan leafs, stalks/stems. Frosted trim will be added either by weight or bubble hash. Depends how it all dries up in the end. Really happy with how this one turned out, hopefully she'll give back 40g dry or so.
1 month ago
CBD Auto 20:1
Growing it
This grow is completely different than the other supersoil grow. This one had lots and lots of larf and very leafy, riddled with sugar leafs, but leafs full of stickiness and CBD properties. It was a real nice plant to grow, need very little in the way of micro nutes, im putting this down to not having to produce THC. She is so sticky it's unreal. 10 solid nodes 189.5grams (also 25grams of wet smokeable trim) and a 3.2 gram tester from last week that gave back .8 in dry weight after a week of drying, and it feels very dry compared to the heavy fluid filled zkittlez. I'd say she's at around 70-80% mostiure. She's very pungent and extremely sticky for a CBD. Very happy, would have been nice to have denser buds but hey, it's top smoke as the tester was surprisingly full bodied taste. She stinks of honey and fruits. Smoking her your mouth fill with different tastes of fruits and very nice on the exhale. White ash.

8/10 Resin
5/10 bud density
8/10 trichomes
6/10 yield
8/10 smoke effects for a CBD
7/10 Overall performance of her needs very little in the way of LST. Just top her on above the 5th node and watch her grow. Will update on dry g weight in 7-10days. Going to let this one dry naturally in a box instead of the electric dryer has I don't want it to get all flat. Box dry at 50-55%RH 19-22c temp.

Btw, I used a SF-1000 100watt light at 80% for veg-100% for flowering but had 5 plants start at the same time hence the 20 watts I'm only doing what the site would do if I added 5 plants of the same strain. I'll add dry g/w for overall 5 plants when they are all done, as even in 5 plants of the same strain some can be done before others depending on method used and so on just incase someone decides to call me out for cheating or some crap on G/W.

Total from all 5 plants is 354 Grams Dry. So that's 3.54 G/W as all 5 plants were started at the same time.
2 months ago

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Hello friend you look good to get out of beautiful garden :ok_hand: change nothing good gardening to you :clap: :facepunch:


@zoobzoob23, thanks buddy. Looking forward to moving on up. Gots myself a 150x150 and a shit load of FB new strains. Gonna be a good summer.


Yes the temp has been cold in the shed it costs too much to heat the shed so Iv got my tent that’s the only thing that’s kept warm I was having an issue with condensation just using an led and heaters so I put 400w HPS back in no more condensation well not in the tent the shed is brick so I get condensation in there now


@Dean1, yeah. A small dehumidifier would sort out all that for you. I got condensation in my tent until I turned the air intake up 2 100% all the time. Dropped a few degrees so will have to manage temps better for my next grow