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blazin_skywalker Apprentice
Blue Dream´matic
Growing it
Blue Dream'matic and I had one of those loving but very trying mother/daughter relationships... But in the end, we love each other, and Blue came through with some super quality bud!

Her buds are covered in a glistening blanket of trichomes and smell of warm earthy citrus that bring the smiles all day long. :grin:

The high is a pretty hard hitter, instantly sending me an uplifting rush of relaxation and euphoria.

I have enjoyed this lightly (just a few hits) during the day with a fantastic, uplifting, energetic high that puts me in a playful and creative mood!

But I have to be careful... smoke too much and when the body high kicks in, I am so relaxed that it feels like body is melting into a cozy pool of happy and I can easily fall asleep.

I will say that this strain has been great for pain relief as well, making it a great evening strain to unwind after the day.

So despite the growing hardships, the quality genetics speak for themselves!

SMOKE UPDATE: Worth noting this is maybe one of the only strains I've ever smoked that hasn't given me dry mouth!

As she continues to cure, the smoke has gotten increasingly smoother, the flavor has further developed, and I am most definitely growing this again!

My husband has requested I move this one to the vault... He doesn't want to share haha!
1 month ago
blazin_skywalker Apprentice
Growing it
Cracking the jars on these deliciously citrus buds delivers a beautiful whiff of mandarin top notes that tickle the senses while giving a hint of some mildly skunky undertones. I sincerely enjoy burping each and every one of these jars.

The smoke is very smooth and gentle on the lungs. The flavor can't help but bring a smile to my lips. The high has a very pleasant onset that gives me a playful euphoria that often comes attached with a case of the giggles.

After about 20 minutes or so, a real nice body high sets in, and my skin feels tingly, and hypersensitive to touch. :wink: It's a real fantastic strain for getting snuggly.

Because of the effects of the body high and intensity of the euphoria, I don't recommend it as a wake and bake strain, but a great late afternoon into the evening/night strain!

This was a strain-chaser grow for me - after smoking a local grower's Tangie, I knew I needed to grow it - and I am STOKED that it delivered! All in all, a freaking delightful flower that I will most certainly be growing again!
1 month ago