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Churppy Newbie
White Widow
Growing it
Cut and drying. Will be back for a complete review and some learning points.
4 days into drying -- I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to maintain a high enough humidity for a slow dry, but everything appears to be progressing nicely. Should be complete dry around Day 7-9 of the dry. :sweat_smile:
Final Update:

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my first ever grow. I ended up with about 60g of dry weight plus trim. Really enjoying the smoke, and expect it to get better through cure. I'm getting a piney/earthy taste, not very harsh. Major dry mouth is the only negative that I found.

I learned a shit ton, so here are some of the key things that I'll be modifying in my next grows.

- I could have started nutes earlier then I did, and probably could have upped the doses. I started at a 1/4 dose out of precaution as suggested, but I was pretty slow to increase doses.

- I believe I was dealing with Mg deficiency for most of my grow, so will be going a more natural route this time around and picked up some Epsom Salts (Magnsium Sulfate USP <-- This acronym means it was testing for human use). Sulfur is a mineral that helps Cannabis metabolize Nitrogen.

- I really messed up LST. I had no plan here and I think that's what messed up. I ended up LSTing my main stem too late in the game. This time around, I'm cropping at the third node and will LST those shoots accordingly.

- I'm going to try and determine nutrients by PPM, although, what I'm noticing is that most nutrient companies don't seem to factor this in.

- I'll be transplanting into the 5 Gallon pots later then I did in this first round. The root growth could have been better and that may have stunted this growth a little.
7 months ago

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