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Best of luck with your grow :seedling:


@Anonymous2022,Thanks bro.


:loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker::sound::radio::loudspeaker::loudspeaker: :loudspeaker:I'm going to build a cannabis cafe on my farm. Who is going to visit Thailand? please contact me And only use a Thailand SIM card to call me at a lower price. I will register my phone number and facebook so you can contact me again. If you are interested in traveling to Thailand I live near Koh Samui, very close to the island of southern Thailand. I can take you to smoke weed and immediately take you to your paradise beach accommodation. If you are interested contact me via Facebook: Worasit Rattanadeachakorn I don't speak English very well. But I used to work in Koh Samui. I have learned and talked to some foreigners for quite some time. If you wanna come visit me smoke my marijuana In Thailand where marijuana has just been legalized We will be open to immerse yourself in the nature in the valley, let you smoke cannabis in the shop and try it. We have our own cannabis strains, both INDOOR and OUTDOOR, both Thai and foreign strains. I can definitely take you to heaven and deliver to your accommodation in Koh Samui safely. My family is the soldiers and police of this city. I can handle things you think I can't handle. But I'll show you if you come to me I guarantee that there will be only extreme fun for sure. I'm already a challenger. And finally, my phone number, please don't forget that you need a Thai SIM card to call me and it's cheaper. Interested in promotion contact: 099-3052001 Facebook: Worasit Rattanadeachakorn With love and good wishes from Sgt.Worasit Rattanadeachakorn Military Police:Royal Thai Air Force