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3 days ago
Hey guys I would love to be a part of this !! Growing Is a huge passion for me it’s not just something I do for fun but something I put all my time into and every single little thing I’m able to do for my plants I do! I do use a type of myco right now but it’s just some cheap stuff from my local nursery! My growing environment is indoor and always controlled at a steady temp for veg I like to keep it at a steady 77 degrees and 73 at night and my veg tent is 5 x5 with a 200 watt full spectrum led ! I give constant feeds daily at the same time every day ! My veg nutrients that would be used in the competition would be the Flora trio of grow micro and bloom at different measurements with botanicare Cal-mag I’m feeding my veg plants in 1 gallon air pots and eventually transplant prior to flowering ! And for flowering I keep my climate at a constant 73 during the day and steadily decrease the night time temp as the flowers mature!! I’m flowering in a BRAND NEW home made 5x12 room built inside of another room! My plants are all sitting pretty under 940 WATTS OF FULL SPECTRUM LED!! I feed a constant half gallon almost every day to make sure my plants are constantly getting the food they need !!! The nutrients I would use would be the flora trio of grow, micro , and bloom with Terpinator , flower stacker ,CAL- Mag, and finish it off with flawless finish for that perfect smooth smoke! I believe I would be able to show every detail of this experiment and properly show that DYNOMYCO is an amazing product !

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