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Growing it
Hands down the most relaxing and euphoric combo I've smoked. Man this strain is so relaxing - the pain just melts away. The high isn't a couch lock either. Very good strain for sex! Smoked this shit out camping, and was so relaxed the whole time - did some reading, hiking, and relaxing. Barney's comes through again for me. It 100% is the William's Wonder stone. I wanted to grow WW, but seeds are hard to come by. This will do nicely in place of that strain. So being that Williams Wonder is a pure bred indica, this one fits right in to that indica category. This is my second grow from Barneys, and I'm a lifelong customer! Nothing too profound on the taste. Was just a mild tasting indica. Smell growing was moderate. Definitely stunk up the house a little bit from the grow room in the garage.

Update 12/11/2020: I been smoking this stuff here and there over the summer and fall. Very good strain for the bedroom. Reminds me a bit of Granddaddy purp in that aspect. I would love to grow this strain again. Very good, would recommend 100%. Also I haven't fell ill since smoking this stuff every few weeks. Never been healthier and feeling great. No paranoia at all. I took this stuff out back country hunting with me and had bears, cougars, and all sorts of critters outside my tent and no paranoia.
3 years ago
Overall, I was quite disappointed. The best thing about it is the fresh sweet peach smell throughout the entire flower. Buds didn't get a tinge of purple despite being in the low 60s most of the time. I expected the stone to be similar to grand daddy purple, but it's more like an Afghani #1 stone. Happy, content, lazy stone. Sex was off the table. The buds were the densest I've grown so far and the yield surprised me. Unfortunately I had this plant going into the 13th week of flower, so it takes some time to pack on the mass. If they could get the flower time down a week and get some more purple on it, they'd be doing well. The leaves were very dark green with a waxy like luster to them. This is a strain you would want to LST and/or top multiple times no matter the desired yield. Buds were very frosty as well. I would not recommend to a first time grower. It was a bit finnicky and hermied fairly easy with no known cause. I'm thinking cooler temps sent it into hermie mode, or a very tiny bit of light leaking from under the door. Tasted like cedar wood with hints of diesel and something else. I'm going to have to try it again to nail it down exactly. I'll update this weekend. Through and through, a connoisseur strain for the curious buyer.
4 years ago
Growing it
Hi guys, I harvested my LSD at 10 weeks flower and a few odd days. She didn't like the cold water I was flushing her with, and went into hermie mode, so I had no choice but to chop. I really enjoyed growing this strain. I have confirmed that this was indeed LSD, for the skunk #1 effects are felt heavily. She had a coffee twang early which gave way to a sweet cherry. She smelled pretty musky and lemony at the end and started getting hues of purple on the lowermost leaves first. I dried for 5 days and cured for 2 weeks now. In the jar it smells like moonberry ice cream - very creamy, sweet and has hints of berry. She smokes smooth and has a strong woody taste with hints of blackberry. The bubble hash water was straight up blood RED. This is a powerful strain, and not recommended for first timers. The main cola literally had trichome dandruff. I just got off a 40 day T-break and my second smoke it had me on the couch in a psychedelic like spiral. 1 bowl was too much. This strain takes about 10-15 minutes to fully hit, and when it hits, it hits hard and fast. I think at one point, I thought "Oh shit, I'm in for it." It had a little bit of "pull" that LSD and shrooms have. The head high is very clear and I feel like my conscious has been opened up a bit. Awesome strain for more upbeat music like trance. I am a self admitted shoegaze snob and shoegaze did not go well with it. Make sure to have the couch and music playing before the effects fully hit. Recommend to anyone who enjoys psychedelic like stones. It is hands down one of the most powerful strains I've ever had behind 30% Master Kush. The stone mellows out about 1.5 hours in, and I'm feeling happy and giggling a little bit about how powerful this stuff was. Must try for the connoisseur looking for some of the best smokes out there. With no topping, I think I got about 50 grams. A strong 8.5/10.
4 years ago

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