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garneroutlaw started grow question 3 years ago
Hi, So all my leaves are pretty much curling under, and I have a couple leaves showing what looks like magnesium deficiency. I'm worried. Is this for sure nitrogen toxicity and will that cause the magnesium deficiency? What should I do?
Week 9
Leaves. Curl down
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 3 years ago
Hi, Ive been reading your diry up to week 6. And the Good news the Strin you have chosen is very resiliant. Ok here comes the reality. You are feeding way to much nitrogen , starting in week2 and adding every week one fertiliser. (short version). Every Fertiliser... EVERY.... got the same Nutrients N, P, And K...... they are adding up (GO-Thrive, Calmag, Bio Marine... those got Nitrogen... . Yes calmag Tooo , only one percent but its adding up. Its a great descision that you stopped to give those amounts of fertiliser. I would recommend you to read a good helping site that explains how tu use those fertilisers. And if its organic or not chemically its alwys threee comopnets NP and K. ok enough now .

And back to your question. Your plant is looking (surprisingly) healthy, The curling under ist the result of your flushing. She is slightly overwatered. But no problem. You can start giving her Compost teas or (low dosages of P and K those are the elements she need in flower. Every blooming feritliser got it. I will link you in the comments a good sites for compost teas for flowering plants.and a general helping site
DissNoof answered grow question 3 years ago
Hey hey, yeah you're right, everything is connected one thing leads to another and what looks like something can hide something else. I really like the "cycle of life" thing you're doing with the pests. It's true you've got more than enough N going there, maybe too much at this stage. You might want to cut down on the N. It doesn't really make sense to cut out anything else, and the micro mix you're adding will help you all that and more I'm sure. One thing is that these plants and their leaves do occasionally turn around now and especially later when the plant reaches the end of its natural cycle. Probably nothing to worry about beyond what you're already doing. If you can i would start adding a bloom booster with mag sulfur because plants need that sulfur to make fat flowers. Good luck crossing the finish line !