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Mephisto Genetics

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Gr33nFi3ld Master
Illuminauto №28 Grapey Walker Kush
Growing it
Harvested her on day 76. Unfortunately she had N tox just after she started flowering and made her buds very leafy. Had a bitch of a time trimming since she was so leafy. Hoping I removed enough so when she cures the flavor can still come through.

Ended up with 168g of wet bud and she's sticky as fuck. Got a nice bit of scissor hash off her which should make a nice smoke.

Placed the buds in the dryer for 3 days and I'll give my first update after a day of curing.
11 months ago
Gr33nFi3ld Master
Sweet Gelato Auto®
Growing it
Harvested her on day 93. She's smelling super strong at the moment and gave some nice fat buds.

Must've given her a little too much Bio grow towards the end as some of the lower buds are pretty leafy. Seems to be an extremely sensitive strain to over watering and nitrogen.

Ended up with 314.7 g of wet buds and I've placed them in the dryer for 72 hours.

I'll give an update once dried.

Update 1: pulled the buds from the dryer after about 69 hours. Ended up with 75.4g of nicely dried buds.

After the first tester she's tasting sweet and very kushy. We'll see how the taste develops over time.

The high is a more indica stoned to it and will have you couch locked for sure.

I'll update in a few weeks.

Update 2: after a few months of curing I have to say this one took a while to impress me but its turned out to be a nice smoke.

Very earthy almost bordering on a soil taste which probably comes from the kush genetics and also a sweet after taste to it.

The high leaves you very couch locked and the final few buds knocked me out each time I smoked it.

Interested to see what else sweet seeds has to offer.

Definitely worth giving a try if you like sweet kush flavors with a indica leaning high.
2 years ago
Gr33nFi3ld Master
Forum Stomper
Growing it
Harvested on day 77. She smells out of this world and has quite a bit of purple to her buds.

Ended up with quite a nice wet weight and now she's gone into the MyHerbsNow dryer for 3 days until she's ready for the first taste test.

I'll update with the dry weight and the first tester by then.

Update 1: ended up with just over 75g of dried bud. She is one frosty plant and is still sticky just handling the buds gently.

Waiting on the cure to bring out the flavors but so far I'm enjoying the earthy, sweet and chocolate notes she's giving out. It can only get better with the cure.

Whenever I smoke it I'm always reminded why it's one of my favourites.
2 years ago

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