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Gr33nFi3ld Master
Growing it
Harvested her on day 78 and even if she had a little N tox she's produced the frostiest buds I've even seen on a plant.

She was a bit fussy during the grow with regards to grow nutes but I think she was able to recover nicely. Seems all sour stomper crosses are a bit sensitive to N tox.

She faded with some lovely purple colors which have come through on the calyxes of the buds and hopefully is present within the buds themselves.

Ended up with 238.6g of wet buds and went straight to the dryer for 72 hours. I'll give a first update then.

Update 1: ended up with about 58g of nice frosty buds. Smells fucking amazing when jarring, like sweet grape gum almost.

After the first test smoke she's actually really tasty for just a days cure. A bit of a mix of sweet and sour on the inhale and a bit of a Berry grape after taste in the mouth. This is accompanied by a nice strong stoney high which I'm sure will make a good night time smoke when cured properly.

I'll give an update in a couple of weeks but I'm in love already.
5 days ago
Gr33nFi3ld Master
4 Assed Monkey
Growing it
She was a pretty easy grow and was hungry for N well into flowering so make sure you keep an eye out for that. Took as much bloom nutes as I was able to throw at her and even handled the top max pretty well.

Harvested her on day 75 as she already had some amber trichs. Was a bit tricky to do a wet trim but I ended up with 432g of super dense and sticky buds.

Got a nice piece of scissor hash as well which had a nice gassy fruity taste to it.

Placed the buds in the drier for 72 hours approx so I'll give the first update by then.

Update 1: ended up with 95.5g of nice frosty buds after trimming them from their stems. Also had some nice trim and a bit of kief after collecting it all and jarring the buds.

Gonna be having the first tester tomorrow after some curing in jars with boveda.
1 week ago
Gr33nFi3ld Master
Illuminauto №28 Grapey Walker Kush
Growing it
Harvested her on day 76. Unfortunately she had N tox just after she started flowering and made her buds very leafy. Had a bitch of a time trimming since she was so leafy. Hoping I removed enough so when she cures the flavor can still come through.

Ended up with 168g of wet bud and she's sticky as fuck. Got a nice bit of scissor hash off her which should make a nice smoke.

Placed the buds in the dryer for 3 days and I'll give my first update after a day of curing.
1 month ago

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