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Lemon Jeffery
Growing it
Sorry for the wait! I like to take my time for the cure and then I like to smoke the bud for the first smoke of the day on a few days with observation.

On his podcast, Rasta Jeff will sometimes talk about "podcasting weed"/concentrates meaning that they are nice and uplifting, give you good energy, keep you talkative, and still let you have access to your best vocabulary! This is that herb!!! Some herb hits my speech center directly I swear and then conversation even with people who I am comfortable with is out the window. Not this stuff. Love it and I am really excited to give her another shot very soon. I should be chopping down another monster plant of it soon.

The smell of this particular phenotype reminds me of sweet, lemon, skunk candy, on the side of the road, in a gymbag, on a hot day. :sob: I love it!

It does not remind me of the more typical sativa though where the effect comes and goes very quickly. This strain is a long lasting, potent head high that I can feel in my forehead for a few hours even as a daily consumer. I really enjoy this one!
10 months ago
Double Dragon
Growing it
This is a real Sativa for me and my favorite thing I have grown by Irie Genetics so far. Get up and get your stuff done herb if you are inclined that way but definitely a heavy forehead punch that can sit me down if that is what is necessary too. Very strong in effect lasting over several hours for me as a daily consumer. She has this sweet, lemony, tone with an undercurrent of Durban Poison flavored cleaning products that makes people (myself included) say WOW anytime I open this jar.

Grew like a champion and the only thing I wish I could change is that I put too much nutrients in the soil so they didn't really flush out as much as I would have like.
1 year ago
Growing it
Definitely an excellent Sativa! I felt like I got three phenotypes: super sweet, sour orange, another was roadkill orange rind and the third was somewhere in between.

This is one of the better orange strains I have smoked so far. I really liked the sweetness and sourness that came out of the shatter I made with it. Huge crowd pleaser that was requested a lot and I kind of wish I had taken a clone of #2 who turned out to be the best orange pheno.

One tip was that she seemed to be sensitive to Nitrogen toxicity in late flower compared to her sisters. Other than that her veg speed was great and she was a champion in structure.

I hit these three plants with some MAC pollen gifted to me by a friend. Collectively they pumped out about 1100 seeds all told which is awesome!

Thanks Rasta Jeff for letting me try these out! They were amazing!
2 years ago

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