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GrownTrees Apprentice
Auto Amnesia Gold
I Put the plant like every Autoflower in Lightmix from Plagron Nutrients it has a good perlite and coco mix and keeps it verry ligt what is verry nice for autoflowers. I put the seedlings straight in the right pot when it comes out so i don't use other pots. I give this years the autoflowers this year for the first time feeding and it thinkbit did his work good. The plant is verry hard to sizzer whit al the Foxtails you must look verry good to see whats a Foxtail and whats a leave but thats typical the strain. it looks good for now i remove every stamp and leave what was possible. I'm now curing the weed in a glass jar whit a Boveda bag. I'm verry happy whit.the yield its not so super much but enough. for now i can make a journal for what i can see and smell i updat this harvesting journal later.
4 months ago