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There have been a lot of mistakes that I've made along the way. Over feeding, under watering. Not watching my temps. Through it all Agnes has still flourished. Her smell is soooo strong. Sweet, herbal seaweed (nori?), citrus, and CUCUMBER! Whoa sweet. I did sample a clipping to see where the bitterness was, mostly watery with some peppery bite at the end. I'm very surprised as I completely misjudged my time line for harvest and decided on doing it now due to cloudy trichomes and some Amber's starting to form. Still I think I'm going to have to cure for a bit.

Her smoke is smooth as velvet. My wife says she tasted chocolate chip pancakes. Not sure I got that (though I wish I did!) but definitely light citrus and cucumber and seaweed. The high hits you like flood waters on the inland. You don't really feel it coming on, creeps upward slowly without notice, and then all of the sudden it's there and you can help but see the way it effects everything around you. After about 15 minutes my body was buzzing and within 25 minutes my arthritis pain had disapated. It wasn't so much that it wasn't there, but my stress and anxiety towards it didn't matter. It didn't hurt to use my hands and the inflammation went down. It's the best I've felt in a long time.

If I can leave one impression on everyone, it is this: I work a 10 hr day as a mechanic. My body hurts when I get home and i was looking for an outlet. I don't like losing my mental faculties, so I had avoided pot for a long time. This strain is perfect. The relief it provides is exactly what I needed to unwind in a healthy way while still being able to function on chores and day to day tasks. Last but mostly best, it makes me so Flippin' happy. If you haven't tried it, it is a must. A must in the same way that seeing fireflys in the summer is a must. Thank you so much to Barney's Farm for making my life better, xo.
3 years ago

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