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I tried Advanced Nutrients feeding calculator. 30L reservoir...
Techniques. Defoliation
6 years ago

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Sensi #741 Fem
Growing it
This is the end of another great journey! Sensi #741, aka Sour Diesel x Afghani, is the first strain from Sensi Seeds Research I harvested and vaped. It soon became my favorite sativa to have deep and very focused introspection sessions. Yes, she wasn't very permissive with nutes and pH deficiencies, but I think the high is something so extraordinary you can easily accept a harder challenge to grow a plant like this. ----- HOW SHE GROWS ----- She grows quite fast in veg, while in flower she's not a super stretcher. Her leaves pointed up to the sky from the start to the end, and that's why I called her Zapdos (the legendary Pokémon). She creates a bushy structure with many colas here and there, but they are soft, airy, and get a lot smaller as soon as they're dried. She's very sensible to pH fluctuations, and this took me to some problems to the leaves in the final phase. Fortunately, buds weren't affected. Trimming her leaves is very hard and time consuming: small leaves like everywhere. A trim nightmare! ----- TASTE AND AROMA ----- The aroma is still hard to recognize after 3 weeks from the harvest, but I often smell something that reminds me of fruit and other herbs. I need to vape some more to define it better. ----- GENERAL EFFECT ----- Wow, wow, wow. This strain is amazing to explore the roots of your problems, and fix them. You can do this because the focus is incredibly sharp. When I smoke other sativa dominant strains (but also indicas), I usually lose a thought within seconds, and sometimes forget what I was thinking about a moment before. With this Sour Diesel x Afghani, this doesn't happen. You just start thinking about a specific problem, and explore it until you're satisfied. In general you're able to go deep and deep inside you. That's incredible, believe me, I'm super amazed by this strain. I also smoked this in a tech house party, and it allowed me to dance for 6 straight hours without even stopping once (4 joints in total divided with a friend). Definitely a very cool effect! ----- CONCLUSIONS ----- I love this strain. I wasn't sure what to expect with all the problems her leaves run into, but I got surprised. Really surprised. Imho this is the best feminized strain from Sensi Seeds Research!
4 years ago
Cream Cookies Auto
Growing it
I had so much fun with this badass girl. She’s been really easy to grow, and even to trim. I still don’t know the size of the bonsai pot I used, but I think it was between 3 and 5 liters. This grow started as something not too serious, but when I saw that purple leaves and flowers, I felt like I needed to take some good pictures. ----- HOW SHE GROWS ----- She grows fast! I trained her in order to get a 4-way LST structure, but I think it would be better I if topped her over the 3rd node and created a 6 big main colas structure. She does like medium dosages of organic nutes, but I discovered she likes even more when you alternate nutes with plain water. With a hard tap water (pH > 7.5), it’s always better to correct the pH to 6.5 before pouring the solution into the pot. ----- TASTE AND AROMA ----- Unfortunately she doesn’t taste and smell like cream or cookies, but she leaves a sweet pleasant taste to the mouth. ----- GENERAL EFFECT ----- I like her because she’s a fun strain. Perfect for both day and nighttime. The high is amazing: it firstly stimulates your mind, then slowly shifts into a body high that immediately results pretty enjoyable. I like the fact she doesn’t give you strong munchies, red eyes or dried mouth, but maybe just a little hangover the next day when you smoke her late in the evening. ----- CONCLUSIONS ----- In the end I got 42 grams divided into 4 big frosty colas, and about 16 smaller ones. Easy to grow and perfect high. I think I’ll grow her again. It’s the perfect strain if you want to chill, stay positive and think about happy things. The only bad note is the taste, which doesn’t really remind me of cream or cookies. Update: after 1 month, the taste reminds now a lot more of cream and cookies. Perfect!!!
5 years ago
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Please come back 😭😭😭 we need more of your diaries, and cool photos too😎