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1 month ago
@BeefWellingtons, Yes, my friend, of course in Russia has its own underground seeds Bank, a lot of seed shops. The illegal industry is very well developed. In our country, it is not a problem to get adapted seeds or foreign genetics. Kalashnikov Seeds is a Russian seedbank that founded by a group of "old school" growers with long, great experience in cannabis breeding. It is presented on this website. Dutch Passion gave Russian plant growers wonderful genetics adapted to our climate: "Belaya Gvardiya", "Taiga", "Snegurochka". "Doctor's Choice" - gave us a wonderful strain of cannabis " Devotchka auto". ""VIP seeds" also created strains based on the Russian Ruderalis: "Dulce De Leche auto", " Auto Torpedo". ""RussianGenetic" - developed such strains of cannabis as:" ChuValley auto " - Feminized cars from the vast expanses of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Asian variety, which has no analogues with a high content of psychoactive cannabinoids. THC 19%, CBD 1.3%, KBN 0.7%. As well as such a strain of cannabis as: "Original Siberian auto" - a Variety obtained by crossing Ruderalis company rugenetics and Landrace. The first Landrace comes from Tyva, the Republic on the border with Mongolia, the second from the Altai territory. My grandfather told me bedtime stories about these old cannabis varieties: "Cossack", "Gypsy Baron", "Taliban", "Georgian Horseman" - but these strains were lost from the global gene pool. There is a whole family of cannabis "Chui". Cannabis grows in the Chui valley, the world's largest wild hemp plantation. So you understand in the USSR was very strongly developed agricultural sector of cannabis, which was mixed with very ancient varieties of Ruderalis, but later after the ban of marijuana, our government began to pollinate wild plantations and crops of empty cannabis, which killed the gene pool of plants. It was a real genocide of cannabis genetics. That is why the cannabis variety in honor of our President "Putin Express" - sounds for Russian gardeners as trolling. It will be a dwarf plant, very small but excessively smelly, causing a lot of problems, that's for sure ; -) Mr. Putin is a fierce opponent of the cannabis industry, but he controls huge drug traffic and officially produces a named after him alcohol based on technical alcohol that is drunk by the poorest homeless people or patriots. Can you imagine that cannabis should reflect the essence of that person? It is unlikely that I will grow such a plant, cheap marketing and loud advertising for foreign public!

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Junglepaws Newbie
Caramella Auto
Growing it
This was an interesting grow to say the least! I've used the viparspectra 600w reflector series the whole way thru and I was growing in cocco peat perlite and peat moss in a 5L pot. This was my first auto flower grow and also my first LED grow and I can certainly say I will never use my hps again I barely noticed it on my utility bills and I had no heat issues and it produced some fat heads. The strain is AMS Caramelicious auto and she performed above my expectations I think if I hadn't have had so many nutrient issues I would have gotten even more bud (I was using good nutrient but was using too much of them) I think this is the perfect plant to grow of space is an issue for you wich it was for me (cupboard size of 85x60x145cm). Overall I am verry happy with how this one turned out the best indoor I've grown so far :)
1 month ago