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NanoGrow Apprentice
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Growing it
- Seed to Harvest: 93 days.

- Dry Time: 3 days @40-50%RH

- Yield: 36g + 10g sugar leaf trim - jarred at 68%, burping down over 2 weeks to 58%.

-Lights: Invisible Sun Ish150v2 Type R, running 18/6 and 24/0 for last weeks

- Medium: Coco&Perlite

- Nutrients: Bionova A+B, P20, K20, GHE Silicate Powder, Kraken Mychorizzae

- Total Tent Space: 2x3x3.5ft (60x90x98cm)

- Pot Size: ~ 4L

- Plant Size: ~27cm wide by 26cm high

Sturdy plant, very thick structure, not very prone to LST and constantly fighting for main cola apical dominance.

Purple/magenta hints on buds, fade not too pronounced.

Didn't complain once about feed, but she took on a very dark green with thick leaves, so maybe she had a bit too much nitrogen for her liking.

Ripened very well at the end with the perfect amberness to our liking.

Overall density is nice, much much better than Fastbuds Blackberry and more similar to a Super Skunk I did earlier, but not as hard. Bag appeal 7/10.

On the nose she hints citrus, mixed with a sort of meaty undertone that overpowers the nose.

Even though the dry was short, she was jarred at around 68%RH, higher than what most would do yes, but it leaves me with a larger range for burping down, and as long as its controlled, mold shouldn't be an issue. She kept a good amount of terps, even if the dry only took 3 days, which I find surprising and good. This will probably elongate the cure so it burps out the excess chlorophyll and starches, but right now it already smells supa dank.

Taste is yet to be tested, but I'll edit this later.

Overall, good plant, good yield for her size, maybe less nitrogen next time and adopt other crop steering strategies instead of tying her down. Maybe topping would be more appropriate if she expresses such a desire for a big main cola.

Let's see how she cures :+1:
8 months ago
NanoGrow Apprentice
Blackberry Auto
Growing it
Overall, great plant to grow, resisted troubles easier than others, didn't complain too much, smelled beautiful throughout and finished well mature and faded.

However, I gotta say this is some of the larfiest weed I've ever seen! You can see through most of the buds. Plus they are VERY leafy, with bulbs of very thick calyxes pushing through. To trim this properly, you'd have nothing at the end, so we left quite a bit of foliage still.

But again, she smelled amazing throughout, even through the dry, which is a first. Didn't lose punch at all. Smelled up the entire apartment AND the lobby as we were trimming. Not cool. But also very cool.

Smells of just DANK berries and wine. Very sweet, very fruity. Smells feminine, if that makes sense.

Smoke wise, with no cure whatsoever, I gotta say I'm surprised. I expected poor smoke quality and harshness due to the amount of leaves, but no. She is already pretty smooth. Smoke smells great too, although the taste is still underdeveloped, leaving just a lingering hint of berries when you're done toking.

High is very heady and racy, with full body functionality, if you know what I'm talking bout.

Doesn't seem to press too well for rosin. Or maybe we just suck at it. We'll try again later when we she cures.

Overall, I'd say I get why people bash on Fastbuds. I get why someone who has grown for years would be pissed at weed this airy. BUT, I a simpler man. Smells great, looks fantastic, smokes just fine and yielded pretty good for her size.

Will be growing her again, and also attempting half assed breeding to cross her with some chunkier strains.

If you're looking for beautiful plants, purple goodness, berry smells and decent yields at the price of density and bud structure, this is the plant for you.

Looking forward to cure it up. :ok_hand:
8 months ago
NanoGrow Apprentice
Super Skunk Automatic
Growing it
Will report on smoke and terpenes later on in 3-4 weeks cure!

Edit: After a month and a half of curing, she hasn't developed much. Smokes very smooth, burns even, and is pleasant smell and taste wise, but just not what I'm used to. She's very subtle on woody, earthy and herbal tones. Pairs nice with espresso, whiskey, honey liquor.

She makes for a pretty balanced smoke to me. I can pack a bigger bowl to get to sleep right away, or microdose through the day and stay active. The dry mouth she left initially is pretty much gone.
1 year ago

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