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8 months
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Bomb Seeds
Age Old Organics

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punsnroses420 Apprentice
Berry Bomb Auto
Growing it
Had difficulties nailing down the nitrogen (I.e. she didn’t want even a trace of it in flower), but using Sweet Finish from Age Old Organics really helped.
4 months ago

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Got my Bomb Seeds in! Only had 1 successful germination out of two available seeds with my new grow project so it looks like my grow tent will be a funhouse of different strains for a while. Berry Bomb Auto grow diary will be posted next week showcasing the sprout of what will not only be my first auto, but my first smart pot grow and first attempt at growing a plant without repotting. Other growers using dirt medium seem to average about 9 or 10 weeks from germination to harvest, while those using hydroponics seem to land pretty solidly at 11-12 weeks. Using a dirt medium myself, my grow will likely land in the 9-10 week zone. If all goes to plan, I'll be drying and trimming this plant around the week of christmas 2020.

lol Santa may be enjoying more than just milk and cookies at my place this year.


Bought some new seeds online to try growing seeds from an actual seed bank lol. Tried Seedsman but they're overloaded with orders from the U.S and aren't taking anymore from the country until they work through the backlog, but I was able to go to the web site for Bomb Seeds and Lineage Genetics to get what I wanted.

Through a mix of free seeds with purchase and buying my own selection with Bomb Seeds, I got my hands on Berry Bomb Auto/Fem, Cosmic Bomb Auto/Fem, Cluster Bomb, and Ice Bomb Feminized. The only possible male out of the group would be Cluster Bomb, as it's the only Regular.

No free seeds with Lineage Genetics, but they had the strain I drooled over on Seedsman but hadn't been able to buy; Sweet Peach.

I bought zkittles too just for funsies, I have a vague plan of somehow someday breeding them to make an even tastier peach-heavy strain. But if not I'll just grow it and smoke it lol.

I don't want to even think about how long it'll take for the seeds to get here; with the pandemic, shipping overseas takes a fair bit longer with seeds since apparently a lot more orders are coming in. Could be a month, could be two. So I may even be planting them around the same time my first two are hopefully still alive and ready for bloom lol