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Weedeep Apprentice
Growing it
Guys this beauty, Lucy ended very bad((( i cant believe that at that moment. my heater in the Grow box, because of wind heater was knock over and stood in position right under my Lucy she was under straight Heat wind about 18 hours, she was totally dry out.... She looks like its on hang dried. but guys i was very surprised after drying, she was soo sticky and so powerful, really one of the favorites. very powerfull and very good high :ok_hand: i want to grow her gain for love with her. sorry guys for LATE update. Was very busy at work
4 months ago
Weedeep Apprentice
Gorilla Glue Auto
Growing it
well want to update ratings about this baby.about growing, i was expecting little bit more stretch, she was too sensitive to environmental thing, trainings a.t.c. and the most bad side of the genetic type problem was that, buds was very leafy, leaf rate was very big ((( maybe its my mistake that i was giving too much nitrogen in flower, but without it, think pheno was it self very leafy. don't know... Overall i like the plant very much and definitely will recommend someone, and of course i will try to grow her one more time:ok_hand: about smoking she was very pleasant one, definitely she was more indica side, but if you was in the go, she was more sativa effect, if sitting than with indica power for sure. trimming was another chapter))) she was very sticky my scissors was looking like she made from hash))) about yield i was very surprized and happy, with this kinde leafrate,i was thinking that there wont be as much as i was expected, but its end with under 100grams of good quality dry buds :ok_hand:
6 months ago
Weedeep Apprentice
Growing it
hi everyone, again i am very late about update, was very busy((( buds are about 3 weeks of curing now. Well Guys this strain was i think TOP of the TOP i have ever taste, my friends name it: black caviar )))))
Everything with this plant gone fantastic, how she look's, pungent (on another level), High is very powerful, and getting more powerful by curing process, i have never taste Auto flower with such powerful effect amazing.Only one thing just a little bit airy buds, but this was expected as MG says 7,5/10. taste so smooth but very powerful its hard to take hit and do not to cough)) they are gluey even after drying, insane!!
Dry weight was over 90g !!!!

and of course i forgot she is super fast guys chop from sprout, on 77th Day!!!! in 2,5 month i got over 90g Very F*ckin Premium BUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chemdogging was far more than i was expected. i will grow this strain always.

The real ORIGINAL auto flower guys, even the structure of plant amazed me, i just did light tie down of stems ,everything else did CHemdogging it self and Mega Crop, finally i found the nute that will not change in a near future. its magic!!!

So guys if anyone want to try real Auto flower start with Mephisto Genetics!!! they are on another level guys!!! Hi end Product!!!
8 months ago