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Willowshes Newbie
Gorilla Glue #4
Growing it
Harvested on Day 76 before sunrise. Wet buds weigh 105grams. I expect around 1 Oz dry. Been drying for two days with a fan at nights since humidity rises up to 80% and i want to avoid mold. Some fast dry buds that i tried hit hard and taste good. This mystery seed was grown 12/12 from seed outdoors, After some research I just assume it was GG4 but who really knows. What matters is that it is some great marihuana. I used Fafard ultra mix soil and 5 gal pots. This specific plant I believe was weak since it got spider mites very early and I could never get rid of them, just controlled. She was sleeping along two other plants, and to this day, those are safe and sound and did not get the mites. Anyways this was my first grow and you just keep learning from your mistakes. Give your opinions! Update. Made cannabutter with barely 15 grams of sugar leaves and it resulted very potent and long lasting. Update: this plant provided 30g dry of potent weed. UPDATE: buds dried after 4 days and they've been curing in jars for five days already with this weird smell like fresh cuando and dried leaves. They feel and look dry. Not moist at all. I hope it fades away with time and it gets back its citrus smell.
2 years ago