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1 week ago
Hi! A personal experience report for the next time: If/when i fail to lst, i will do a more aggressive training called supercropping (there is plenty of material in the web). To do training late in the plant formation, the best way is to do a heavy watering (just before overwatering) to make the stems more flexible and/or spray the stems with water. When the stems are more soacked with water, they became more "gummy" like and easier to bend without braking them. There is a good chance that you will brake the inner layer (the white one) and this will make a bulge that, strange but true, will increment the yield. The point is that you will trick the plant into thinking she lost the branch and she wants to replace the lost part, thus releasing more growth hormones. In flowering stage it will make more buds ;) If you brake the outer layer of the stem, it will be kind of bad, risking for disease and counter act the positive effect. You can go as far as to put the stem horizontal. In the case, twisting the leaf 90° to make them horizontal as well, will help the plant, taking away the energy to do so and speeding things up. You will still need to put a wire or something, otherwise the plant will tend to follow the light (up direction). I will suggest you to experiment this on only one plant, so you can see the difference and, if you fucked up a bit, limit the damage. Anyway, even a half broken stem can be "fixed" with some tape to keep it in place, the plant will make a scar that is more rigid and the loss minimal. Like every technique, the more you practice, the better!