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5 years ago
@Yololive, if you looking for feedback and help i can only give you my me it appears that you have went back and tried to fill some weeks in and such here and there...i don't understand the weeks after your harvest...around week 24 it says you harvested but you continue to add weeks after...the harvest report is pics of the buds on smoke report...they maybe in your diary some were but they aren't on the harvest report...virtually nothing is...this diary is all over the map and its hard to follow at did a good job on your grow (from what i can tell anyways) but your diary and documentation of it isn't very well...the missing weeks and you going back to fill in isn't proper would have been far better if you would have did the weekly update and put more effort into it as you went...Did you use nutrients? what kind if so?how much? how big were your pots?How much was this girl drinking at a time?26 ounces of trim? I have more questions than answers at this point and your harvest report if nothing else could use a lot of not bashing you but only giving feedback as to why I'm not voting for you and what you could improve...also with the new voting system and the voting just opening up for the month...and the fact there is a lot of diaries to go through maybe why you only have one vote so far...and i would have rather waited until the contest was over to give you this feedback...i don't wanna discourage anyone from voting for you...however i saw your post on the journal entry and the one right above this and didn't want to ignore you my fellow grower...good luck this month and in the disrespect is ment here...i wish you the best but wanted to give you some HONEST feedback...later!!