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New Update! Germination Week

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JoshuaHolt JoshuaHolt
Added 28 October 2020

germination icons

Hello Growers!

We are happy to announce that we have added a new type of week! It's called 'Germination Week' and it will allow you to track the seed germination process in your Diary!

Let's take a look at how it works.

Seeds or Clones?

Now you will be able to choose what kind of germination/starting week you are dealing with: Seed or Clone?

Also, you will be able to mark the number of seeds and clones that you are starting your grow with.

seeds or clones

You will also be asked to add information about what genetics you are germinating. 

Germination Week

The next step would be to the Germination Week. Here is how it looks like:

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Let's see what's inside now!

Next, you can mention the germinating date.

germinating date

Then, once you are ready, you can include the number of seeds that have been germinated successfully.

successful germination


Germinating your first seeds? Use the following steps to get setup on GrowDiaries:

  1. Choose 'Start My Diary'
  2. Give your diary a name
  3. Select breeder and strain
  4. Choose 'Seed' or 'Clone'
  5. Enter setup information
  6. Save
  7. Choose your week type 'Germination'

If you have already started your diary and want to add germination details, simply log in to your profile, choose your diary and select 'Add Week'. You then have the option to add a Germination Week.

Once all this information is journaled, you can proceed to the Vegetation!

We hope you enjoy the new update! Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


GD Team



Awesome update ! :fire::rocket:


Great update!!! TOK_HANDLE


I noticed it last week, everyone will love it, but when starting new diaries this way two of mine were grayed out (abandoned grow). I fixed it by removing diary and first start with week 1 and place germination pics after that.


Cover picture and stats data not updated for newly created diaries, added 1st veg week and still same default cover and 0 days in preview


@bobtheblob, I have this same problem also. Germination week and week 1 filled in, but cover picture is missing and it shows week 0


Thank you very much! Been asking about germination week for a while glade it is finally here. :pray:As always keep up the great work! I love Grow Diaries:heart_eyes::pray:


This is great


Hi gardeners :alien:, significant point


cool! I already had time to “edit” my fresh diary in connection with this update! Thanks GD! :+1: :innocent: TOK_HANDLE


Excellent update... but naturally I have a question or two. It may not technically matter but is there a "definition" of "germination date"?

I can think of 3 different significant moments in time, each usually separated by a couple days... (1) when I first throw them in the pool (so to speak), (2) when after moving them from pool to paper towels I plant them in soil, and (3) the day the seed actually breaks ground (yay) and begins life above ground.

I think of #3 as Germination Date but like I say it probably doesn't matter. Next question would be - when do you officially declare veg starts after the germination week. just call it a week and let it go? A single week as a length for Germination is probably about right so again it probably doesn't matter. All these "details" used to be buried in the early weeks of vegetation depending on the enthusiasm of the diarist.

Anywho. Thanks again!



One of the best updates

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