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Mango Cream Auto
Growing it
This strain is a great tasting and easy to grow one from a very understated but great seed breeders. Well done Exotic seeds.. The effects are very noticable while enjoying the aromas and taste that hits both in and out on smoking it. It jas a steady build up that was easily manageable and will no doubt help to lock you to the couch if you keep the joints coming.. On a single joint, I was left mindful and in a fairly upbeat state of mind . By mid afternoon, I was solving the pandemic crisis in my head and wondering why nobody else was doing it !. lol

A very nice strain all round for the end user and certainly one your friend's will want to hog and have to be persuaded to pass it on !..

Buds were very densely created early on in the flowering cycle and it did not stop until harvest.
The harvest numbers were very good too. 2 of the plants flowered earlier than the 56 day stated as the cycle and the #3 plant was ready to harvest totally finished and amber trichromes at day 39 !!!. the other one (#4) was harvested at day 49 along with the other 2 that took the full 56 days to finish.
The numbers for each plant
#1 116.97g
#2 146.59g


A great run of 13.7oz from 4 easy to grow autos that are top drawer quality and a testament to the breeders
3 days ago
Glueberry Auto
Growing it
The buds mainly are nice and sticky with a very strong fuel/diesel hit to them . she had a lot of scrubby rubbish below the canopy that will go to hash making with the trim. taste is similar with the fuel dominating the fruity hit.. She was grossly underwatered initially which effected her growth considerably i feel. not a dissapointment but my error did affect the result
4 weeks ago
Sweet Cheese XL Auto
Growing it
Hi all. This leafy little lady packs a nice diesel hit with a hint of fruity mint. odd taste but not unpleasant. I grew her with no interference at all and allowed her to be as natural as possible. I had wanted to retry this way with an auto and her recorded stars made her perfect to try with. On finish, her bud structure was mainly focused in the huge Morriston she firmed. The side growth was also excellent and produced some very nice buds too. The leaf-to-bud ratio is very high with her which is a little dissapointing if your a manicurist on harvest but I trimmed the smaller sugar leaf into the buds rather than my usual removal of them. Her overall height was around 80cm and well within the limits of my space without any training . Would be interesting to see one- of these trained out now. She is really sticky with resin so would be good for extracts i think and her hash potential is good too. Her colours are not as vibrant as other strains but aesthetics are not the whole game and her smoke makes up for it. overall not too shabby on rhe tied or finished bud results.
2 months ago

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