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Absolutely NEW “Diary of the Month” – HUMBOLDT Seeds Organization


Today is a big day! “Diary of the Month” January with DINAFEM just ended its preselection phase and the 20 GREAT DIARIES are going straight to Voting! Thank you DINAFEM, thank you Growers, congrats everybody, keep reading for the coolest update so far and start Voting!

Finally our “Diary of the Month” got so big that we had to dedicate to the contest a separate section and here is an introduction into our new, interactive and updated “Diary of the Month! We are happy and pleased to introduce the new section on our beloved GrowDiaries – AWARDS! 

From now on, all grow journals Harvested during the current month, will make it to this page and will be preselected for Voting. During the first 10 days of the following month, Voting will be open and each grower, will be able to vote for his favorite journal, besides their own. Each grower, will be granted 1, 3 or 5 unique Votes, based on their status or Karma on GrowDiaries. 

In these 10 days, those qualified to Vote, will be asked to select the diaries they want and vote for them. You will be getting notifications and reminders about the current Voting like who voted for your diary, days left to vote and so on. Also, you will notice during voting, the diaries that get voted, will be colored differently. Right after the 10 days countdown ends, winning diaries and Growers will be announced in our Journal as usual! Hooray!

Friends, please keep in mind that we do know there are some bugs here and there and we constantly look for them and work hard to fix them. We would appreciate your feedback on any of the bugs that keep you away from growing smoothly, so please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or use the Contact Us form. Thank you friends! 

Read the rules on the Awards page and let’s rock “Diary of the Month” together – You Grow Crazy, we Award you Grow!

“Diary of the Month” February with HUMBOLDT Seed Organization OPEN NOW


Put your hands to work because next month, in March, will be Voting for the 10 best  February diaries that will be generously awarded by our proud sponsor HUMBOLDT Seed Organization! Grow at your best, make it to Voting and your grow journal could be awarded with: 

• 5 seeds of the NEW, just released Blue Dream CBD strain

• 5 seeds of the Blue Dream strain

• the HUMBOLDT hoodie

• the HUMBOLDT lighter

• HUMBOLDT stickers 

Fantastic prizes guys and let’s thank HUMBOLDT Seed Organization for supporting us Grow!

Don’t forget to grow at your best, to follow the rules, to update your diaries and what for the "Green Smiling Face" to be always smiling and chances are, your grow journal will be amongst the Winners. Good luck everybody!

Grow Crazy and talk to you soon!

Added 3 years ago



Nice guys! love the update!



:+1::skin-tone-3: Greatest news.. NOW i go for the hoodie and seeds :seedling: :grin: :pray: beware friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great new page and update you guys love the work being put into the website.


Sweet update!! I like that the finalists are preselected and then the votes are given based on activity on the site!! Keep up the great work guys!!! Now back to growing...:+1: