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Hey everyone! We are back with another superb interview with yet another fantastic grower Guru @SlowpokeFuegobud! We had a really great time as she answered all our questions in a detailed manner and also gave out many recipes, tips, and tricks. 

Slowpokefuegobud is a versatile grower, but what we admire the most about her is her warm personality. Despite all her hardships at an early point of time in life, she has managed to overcome that and carve a great life for herself. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy reading more about her just as much as loved talking to her!

1. Question: Hello SlowpokeFuegobud! We are very excited to conduct this interview today. Your profile tells us a lot about your skills. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What does your name stand for?

Answer: Hi Growdiaries, I hope you are doing great, I'm super excited too! Thank you so much for all the work you’re doing for us. It’s keeping this whole platform alive! I'm honored to get interviewed, but I have to say I’m surprised too — I think I’m a greenhorn or greenbud in this case. I’m not nearly as experienced as the other veterans, but thanks for recognizing me. 

So, hello growmies, I'm Fuegobud — a grower from a place where cannabis is still unrightfully illegal. My professional background is a mélange of a travel business, digital media creation, and spiritual yoga stuff.

Coming to my name… I’ll be honest with you — there's a porn star named Fuegobutt, and I thought that's a great name, haha! It was of course already taken, so I added Slowpoke. He is a mouse character from Speedy Gonzales, which was my favorite cartoon as a child. Slowpoke Rodriguez is so slow, he misses all bad luck and vice versa. I assume he is stoned. 

So, my name represents pure love actually.

2. Question: Why did you start cultivating cannabis?

Answer: Cannabis is medicine for me as well as a recreational pleasure, and please see for yourselves, buy it on the streets, and then tell me it makes you healthy, haha! I also got a receipt from the doc, but the pharmacy weed is so disgusting, and costs three times as much as if you would buy it in the park. No thanks! I see no other option than to grow it myself.

Having spent so very much money on cannabis, I think my dealer needed to get a job when I started growing. He was the one who convinced me to grow my own actually. Maybe he felt bad after I paid for his Ferrari. No seriously, it's just a smart thing to do.

I grew cannabis in my parents' garden when I was a teenie, but got constantly caught and my plants ended up on the BBQ fire each time.

I finally started my first grow in a situation when I perceived my life as really unpleasant, but being stuck there, I thought it can impossibly get any worse. So I went after one of my biggest dreams. Ready to take any consequence, my freedom speech for the judge was written and my bags for jail packed (books I always wanted to read). It just felt so wrong not to be allowed to grow weed. I didn't understand why the Canadians should be allowed to and I should not! So basically I immigrated to Canada internally.

3. Question: How has cannabis helped you?

Answer: I will share a bit of my personal story with you. Hopefully, it helps to understand the plant better in some way, and maybe some of you can relate.

I was born into an abusive and violent family situation. Having had to deal with a lot of pressure as a young child already, I started consuming marihuana at the age of 14. I found cannabis helpful to get out of my constant flight mode. 

Cannabis really helped me, because I couldn’t find any rest previously. It was 365 days of constant stress and fear. But, somehow, I could sleep with my little plastic bong. And deliver, because I had to go to the most elevated school and be really successful, of course. 

At that time, I didn't find anything strange about consuming it at such a young age, but today, I think wow. Not a great environment! The hash was horrible and smelled like plastic or tire — how irresponsible to give that to a child! Anyway, I put my head down, studied, and finished school despite my tough situation. Cannabis helped me shut down until I could build my own life. I always self-medicated — it's kind of natural to do that I think.

All around me, I saw people take painkillers and antidepressants, and I didn't like what that stuff was doing to them. So I never agreed to take that. Even my physicians offered way too many pharmaceuticals to replace the weed. So funny, but, no thanks, again — they can keep that liver damage to themselves!

When I hear people talk about how we need to protect kids from those bad drugs, it triggers me a lot. I just think, “you better learn how to deal with your unpleasant feelings (dork) and stop projecting your unwanted personality traits onto your kids. Let them be kids, so they don't need to take drugs!” But, on the other hand, I remind myself that we’re all doing the best we can. I tell myself not to judge, roll a spliff and maintain the peace. 

Cannabis is rarely the problem. In my opinion, adults are the problem, and if we are adults, maybe we are the problem. The good thing is, if I am the problem, it means that I can solve it. 

There's hope, no excuses!

Anyway, cannabis has helped me to find more balance when I'm overwhelmed with everything, for which I use hybrid strains like Cookies varieties. For better sleep, I use Afghani or potent strains with a calming effect.

For me personally, cannabis helps against pain and migraines, soothes sore muscles, eases social anxiety, keeps idiots away, and last but not least, it's a great recreational herb. I love lying in the sun, listening to music, and puffing on a spliff. Life can be so good!

It also boosts my creative output, so I'm smoking while we're doing this interview. I hope it shines through!

In my experience, the plant provides a comparatively high energy frequency, and if I'm mentally down in my emotional dungeon, consuming weed opens the shutter. I think of it like a strong hand that pulls me back up again. 

To sum it up, I'm very grateful for my medicine! Now that I grow my own, I can try different varieties and change them according to my own change. The very act of growing was therapeutic for me. It was filled with life lessons that taught me that it’s okay to fail but I must stand up. I learned to be consistent, stopped being over-critical of myself, and be proud of what I had accomplished. Most importantly, I learned to be patient and do the right thing at the right moment, and do nothing when there's nothing to do. I am so much more self-reliant on many levels now. Really, I would recommend growing to everybody!

4. Question: Do you remember how and why you started using Growdiaries?

Answer: I was looking for an international community that offered information on growing cannabis. I wanted to read strain reviews, so I could decide what to grow next. 

I browsed a bit…and there it was — our very own Growdiaries! I sucked up all the information provided here like a sponge. Later, I wanted to write a review for a strain I really enjoyed. And, that’s how I began my first diary. I was welcomed in such a warm and lovely way that I remember it even to this day, haha!

I was super nervous at the beginning because I was sharing my illegal grow. But then I thought that the faster we come out in huge numbers to the public, the sooner the whole thing gets socially accepted. We're not doing anything wrong after all.

I was trying to take clear plant pictures and put out transparent data so I could use the grower questions and get help with any issue, but I often found what I was looking for in the database. The help you can get here is beyond value.

Blue DReam by Slowpokefuegobud

5. Question: What do you love about Growdiaries?

Answer: I love the community and my fellow growmies and checking up on their plants and their diaries. It's so cool to be able to share the love with all of them!

Every month we go quite crazy about the contests, in case you haven't noticed.

It's so much fun to participate in the contests. I met a lot of friends there. And I also have a Fastbuds hoodie now!

The whole knowledge melting pot here is stunning. The diversity of so many growers with their different ways to manage their gardens, the different strains, nutrients, and equipment, plus all the beautiful artwork. I love photography and spend lots of time looking at all the pictures here. And, sometimes, complete diaries are a piece of art!

I also appreciate the web design of the diaries, making it easy to update the weeks and not forget any important data. Also, the huge database is fantastic. Thank you for that!

And, did I mention the contests? ;)

6. Question: Do you train your cannabis plants? If yes, can you describe one technique that’s easy for even beginners?

Answer: Yes, I believe that it's beneficial to do some training when growing with LED lights indoors. 

I typically go for a flat tabletop canopy using LST. Typically, I Top the plants but do it only once. To be clear, I Top the 5th or the 6th node when it’s in the vegetative stage. I remove a tiny little bit of plant tissue only, opting for 6 to 10 main branches later. Then, I watch the plant and bend down the stem or branches if needed. It really depends on how much space there is, and how the plant looks.

I usually remove all secondary branches, depending on the pot size and how they develop. With this technique, you’d typically go for a short vegetative stage and rather small plants. Top once, let them grow a bit, and switch them. Great for beginners!

With autoflowers, I have tried potting, Topping, and LST with good success. I just feel it took them longer to get ready. So for now I let them grow without training because I want to grow autos as fast as possible.

Cherry Coke by Slowpokefuegobud

7. Question: Are you a DIY person or do you purchase most equipment, including nutrients?

Answer: I would say I'm a DIY person — it’s just that my plans don't always work out. I got a lot of tools and materials at home, and when I need something I first think about building it myself. But really, sometimes, I don't know how. However, I'm getting there. I copy ideas from others a lot and I love to share my ideas also.

I love looking for new lights and equipment to get informed, and I would actually love to build my own LED. But there's really cool stuff out there that’s very well thought through, so I don’t feel the need to invent everything again and again.

I have a huge seed collection. Sometimes, I wonder if I suffer from chronic seeds deficiency because I always feel I’m short — I  simply cannot help it! It might be a medical condition. I made my own seeds simply because I wanted to learn about how it works. At the moment I have no plans with them. I spend a lot of time shopping for seeds online, haha. Crazy.

If someone throws colorful plant containers on the market I will be their customer for sure. Until then, I design my own.

I made my own nutrients in the past, but I like bottled nutrients the most. I just enjoy the cauldron-style mixing thing, whispering a few magic rhymes. Who doesn't? Finally. I always invest in pest control and buy nematodes and predatory mites for every grow cycle. 

8. Question: Can you describe a few things you do (DIY) that perhaps saves money?

Answer: My aim is actually more to save the planet than to save money, but that's up to everyone personally. I would recommend planning the setup so that it is sustainable from scratch. 

If you live in a legal area, very nice! Purchase second-hand gear! The biggest waste of money for me was my beginner stage. Had I planned better, I would have saved about half of the money.

What we really need in my area is someone who installs controllers to exhaust fans. That person would make so much money! But you need to be an official electrician in my country to do that.

Those exhaust fans are way too loud, so I installed my own controller. I can run the fan now on a really low level and it's whispering. But it's a risk if the house burns down because I did it wrong, it's my fault. Obviously. But saved money. On that note, I also wish I could refurbish carbon filters!!

I used to make my own cannabis seedling fertilizer with horsetail extract. It contains silicon and a light form of nitrogen — sorry I don't know this more scientifically. You soak the horsetail for 24hrs in water — 2 handfuls of dried horsetail and 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of water. Then, let it simmer for 1 hour and wait for it to cool down before straining it through a cloth. It smells ugly when boiling, and after a few days, it will ferment and smell sour. I lowered the pH and fed it to the babies, and all was good. You can use the fermented solution against powdery mildew if you grow cannabis plants outdoors.

Lastly, I never buy containers for weed. I recycle glass jars and paint them beautifully. To store them and make them airtight, I wrap adhesive tape around the lid. Of course, you got to store those in a dark place.

As I was contemplating this question, I often thought that saving money for indoor growers isn't such a great idea. Instead, you should invest smart and get better returns on your investment in the long run. 

Mimosa Automatic by SlowpokeFuegobud

9. Question: Can you name a few growers who have inspired you here? What do you like the most about their growing style?

Answer: Yea! I wanna give shoutouts! There are so many growers who deserve shouts, I'll pick a few!! This platform is spilling over with inspiration.

Shouts go out to my growmie 'She With the Thousand Trophies' @Mrs_Larimar. Just look at her beautiful diaries spiked with useful tutorials, plant love, and immaculate growing techniques! I'm definitely a fan. She was the first grower that caught my attention when I got here.

To my buddy 'The Liking Machine' @Ju_Bps, who has given me millions of likes throughout the ages since the dawn of times. Thank you so much for your support and for being a living legend!!

To my buddy 'Shaved Legs' @DogDoctorOfficial, I love his bubbly, passionate diaries and you gotta watch his videos! He's got his very own growing style like he's dancing with the plants. Thanks for showering us with love and helping me always!

To my brothers 'The Real Cali Connection' @Sour_D and 'Orange Juice Contemplator' @Tropicannabis_Todd, my internal compatriot. Both are amazing growers and have always been helpful and inspiring to me! They are usually chopping on some plants, so I’d love to have them as my neighbors in my next life from the very beginning! Puff puff, guys!

To the guys with so many plants at home and a diary for each one: 'Hang them all on Hangers!' @Roberts and 'The Rankin of Cannabis' @Cyrusdavirus — you both are so motivating at what you do, much respect for you!!! Thank you for your help as well!!

Last but not least, shoutout to my growmie @JamMAKEcan, who soon will live in a palais! Bless you, for all the support you're giving us! Shoutout to everybody else, of course, I could name many more here.

Thanks for growing with me, you're all an inspiration! Crazy grower love!!

10. Question: Is there any strain you grow in particular? Would you recommend it to beginners?

Answer: I feel like I need to know much more about all the varieties, so at the moment I always pop one seed per strain, grow it, and smoke it. It's all in my excel chart.

Compared to more experienced growers I really don't know much about strains. As you already know by now, it’s prohibited to grow cannabis in my country and my friends don't even know what Zkittlez is. So I'm trying to grow as many strains as I can before I die.

Generally, I grow varieties that have relaxing or antidepressant effects, and then I always grow an energizing variety for all eventualities, you never know.

My faves so far are Cookies and Afghani genetics, as I love the effect and smell. When I see crosses with White Widow or Afghani, I often fall in love. So far, all of them would have been ok for beginners since they are very easy to grow. 

Mimosa auto by slowpokefuegobud

11. Question: What are your favorite strains, and why?

Answer: Haha, omg! Isn't it wonderful how many different aromas cannabis can have?!

You can always get me with bakery fragrances, fruity if it's not too sweet, or earthy/chocolate, but I also like GMO, Cheese or other savory aromas. And a few I can't describe yet.

One of the tastiest ever was Sweetseeds' Red Mandarine, she had a bitter, very elegant orange aroma. She turned bright pink, red, and yellow at the end, with red flowers! Everybody got crazy about that one. I think she got me my first cannabis photo award ever, so she holds a special place in my heart!

Best flower smell while growing: Hypno Seeds Creme Brulee Auto and Delicious Seeds Caramelo.

My all-stars to roll a spliff: GSC from White Label, I could cry because it's gone. Chocolate, mint, happiness, from what I think was a Durban Poison pheno. 

Gelato White from Weedseedshop: The effect was so incredible, and spacey with mouth-watering flavors as well. 

Mexican Sativa from Sensi Seeds: She was my first self-grown plant, and swiped away my doom violently. That's what I want to smoke in heaven. Or on vacation.

Sherbet Queen Auto from RQS: Just checked all the boxes, plus my biggest yielder so far.

Herijuana from Sannie's Seeds: It’s the best painkiller for migraines for me. 

Monkey Grease from Kannabia and Hindu Kush from Sensi Seeds: Both are perfect for a peaceful sleep. 

My friends loved Mimosa Auto from RQS the most. The smell is mesmerizing, and the plant grows like a show-stopper. 

Zamnesia's Blue Dream was gone in the blink of an eye — it was that good.

Super Sativa Seed Club's Black Lebanon: She actually tastes as she smells. Smurf berry. Loved it!

Delicious Seeds' Bay Burger: She smelled like grilled burgers and mushrooms! WTF! Loved the effects, very harmonizing!

 I just harvested Purple Punch from Fastbuds, and she smells wonderful like cherry candy, a bit peppery, wow!!

Cannabis is an illustrious plant, and for me these aromas are magical and there's a lot to discover yet. I just wish I could exchange weed with fellow growmies legally. At the moment I have to grow all strains on my own, and it takes a lot of time to test them all.

12. Question: Who are your favorite breeders?

Answer: All of them! Bless them breeders! They are my heroes. Every grow I do is actually 90% the breeder's work.

However, if I have to name some of favorites, they would be Fastbuds, RQS, and Sensi Seeds. I was blessed with sponsorship by Kannabia lately, and they absolutely convinced me. I grew three of their strains so far and they were all beautiful. Also, the coop was a pure pleasure.

I want to give double shoutouts to Fastbuds for actually not only being a breeder but running a whole community. I love that! And their website is awesome. They are great breeders with a huge plus.

On my future list are, amongst many more, Ethos Genetics and  Humboldt Seed Company. I’m so curious about their genetics — look at the Supafreak, for example!

Lemon power haze by slowpokefuegobud

13. Question: What type of nutrients do you use to grow cannabis?

Answer: I grow with Green Buzz Nutrients. They are my sponsors and their nutrient line meets my needs perfectly. My plants also love them.

When I started growing, I first chose Canna Terra, then switched to organics. So far, I’ve used Aptus, Biobizz, Guanokalong, Green Buzz Nutrients, Green House Feedings Bio Line, RQS Organic Nutrients, and Mills (not completely organic). I liked all of them and would use all of them again. If I had enough space, I would also make my own living soil and just water with rainwater. 

What I enjoy a lot during veg and stretch is foliar feeding. Fuegostorm comin' in!! I use Fast Plants Spray for the youngsters and Nutrispray for bigger plants, and if needed I use Epsom salts as a foliar spray.

My tap water doesn't contain sufficient calcium and magnesium, so I add a bit of stone meal to my soil and add a relatively high amount of CalMag to my nutrient solution mainly during the stretching and the early flowering phase. 

If you're growing in soil, it's really nice to get good quality soil and provide big containers a few times during the growth. It's less likely to run into problems this way and is also easier to water the pots.

My favorite soil is Lightmix from Biobizz. I want to add 30% coco coir in the future to save some peat.

14. Question: What was the latest strain you grew?

Answer: I harvested Monkey Grease and Sativa Dream from Kannabia last. Next, I will chop Tropicana Cookies Auto from Fastbuds, which grew in a fish-shaped tealight holder as a tiny pot, in only a handful of coco. That was a great experience for me!

15. Question: What was the latest strain you smoked?

Answer: Sativa Dream, it's delicious! It smells sweet and zesty and makes me happy and positive-minded. It's also great for doing exercises. Although it's said to have energizing effects, it's not too energizing for me, I'm easily over-squirreled.

16. Question: Any tips for our readers to enjoy cannabis more? Perhaps, concentrates, gummies, etc

Answer: Don't go with what others say. Do it and feel it yourselves!

Cannabis can be very personal.

My friends used to ask me for infused coconut oil. I just found out they put it on their face because it's allegedly a miraculous potion against wrinkles, haha!

I make my coconut oil with decarbed weed and trim, and this makes a nice additional oral consumption option (plus an anti-wrinkle potion). You can put it on pizza or bake brownies, or just take half a teaspoon and go to sleep. Make it strong so you don't have to eat so much oil.

I put 30g 1n 300g of oil (that's about an ounce in 10 ounces), and it turns out perfect. Of course, it depends on the flowers. Actually, you need to check out the dosage each time you make it. (I'm planning to share my recipe in the Break-up Cake diary)

Healthy tip:

Get a slow juicer and put the leaves in there! (good for you if you're an organic grower). I juice the whole plant except for the wooden main stem and roots (no resin/ buds!). Mix fruits like grapefruit, pineapple, mango, lemon, apples, or whatever you like, and get a little bit high. I definitely recognize an effect although it’s weak. 

Make use of fruits or herbs which contain the same terpenes as your weed for enhanced taste and effect. The juice is greener than everything you can juice — there's definitely something healthy in there!

My best canna juices are those with ingredients matching in color. The canna leaves make a super intensely green liquid, although it’s not the same every time. For example, carrots and cannabis make an ugly mix. But it's of course okay to make brown juice!

My favorite recipes (it's helpful to moisten the canna leaves before juicing):

Magical Resurrection Juice

1 defoliation amount of leaves

1 grapefruit 

½ lemon

2 oranges (better get sweet oranges)

Cut off the grapefruit and lemon peel before juicing. The grapefruit does something magical to the canna juice! Stir three times and put a conscious intention into the juice for enhanced effects. (the last step is optional)


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