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It was a huge mistake to use pH Perfect base for coco grow. It almost ruined my plant. It is very important to understand the purpose of the each bottle in the official table: you should never use just everything they listed in the tables. It will be the pain, it is so disbalanced and overfertilized it can burn your plant even at 50% of recommended volume. The best thing you can buy from AN is their Biostimulants (Tarantula/Piranha/Voodoo Juice). But again, you can just buy Tarantula and it will contain almost every microbe/fungus from the other two bottles. Overpriced fertilisers, I will swap them to products of Canna.
I'm very satisfied with your product. That was my first grow, so, I can't compare results to other nutrients, but I will definitely use it again and again ...
Un lujo que vale la pena.
I starying with the AN
Very good nutrients all advanced products make work its good !
Not sure why but when not using 100% strength since I grow autoflowers, I have had to adjust the pH up when using Reverse Osmosis water. Other than not being 'pH perfect" for me I think these are good nutrients.
El ph lo regula muy bien, debería tener la opcion de subir o bajar el ph a gusto
Always :star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️