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Sempre perfetti non mi deludono mai anche se e un po piu laborioso rispetto ad altre marche che comunque danno ottimi risultati...
It seems to do the job. Recommend adding in microbes. That seems to help a lot.
good to go, easy or complex, Advance Nutrition can cater for your budget, I will be sticking with these guys :wink:
Mi sono trovato molto bene, mi sono tenuto più alto con il dosaggio rispetto alla tabella advance nutrient e comunque tutto è andato meravigliosamente bene, il bud ignitor lo consiglio a tutti
I’m usually always happy with how AN performs; this growni switched out sensi bloom for connoisseur bloom and it has made a big difference with the end result.
I switched out the sensi bloom for the connoisseur bloom and it truly made all the difference for me; I quite like this product line and what it does for the plants when it is operating properly.
Buenos fertilizantes, que ayudan a obtener un buen resultado.
Definitely happy with the advanced nutrients line, no complaints, but using with sweet has gi e better results