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Used it to begin with and sticking with it.
An absolute joy to grow. Very fast growth on this pheno and a nice cream taste with an OG gas on the back end. The pheno I got growing right now is even better than this one. Very heavy high, super strong. My girlfriend and I only smoke it at night because it will put you out. I did have about 8 or so seeds throughout the entire plant. Not bad and not a big deal.
Just amazing every single time!
Que decir de advanced... son una de las mejores lineas de fertilizantes del mercado y se puede apreciar en los resultados. :100::raised_hands:
Grade AAA weed this time these Nutrients are excellent!
I use these by the directions good amendment to what I top dress with. I think I like terpinator better then the bud candy for flavor so far but I need to do a side by side.
The Jungle Juice is just as easy and efficient as General Hydroponics Flora series but a bit cheaper to buy. The rest of there product is already a staple in the grow world and speaks for its self in quality
Es mi primera vez con advanced nutrients y estoy encantado con estos fertilizantes.