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Jungle Juice Bloom


Пользуюсь данной базой около 2х лет, стимуляторы никогда не применял, в целом базой доволен...
The Jungle Juice program was great. I don't know how much the Big Bud Coco contributed to the yield, but . . . 185 grams!
Love advance nuts , but my main nutrients was my own compost , all organic :ok_hand:
I loved this. I watched the buds transform over night. Again I wish I had the product sooner into my grow because the results would have been even better.
excellent line of nutrients
Everything I need from start to finish. Never let me down.
Адвансы как всегда на высоте!
По качеству продукции 9/10 . По цене 6/10
Muy bien en general, no fallan. Inconvenientes, cuiden las dosis.
I am very happy with my AN line-up and will continue to use.
Excellent stuff! Although I started with the synthetic it was only a week then I switched to organic! And I will not turn back from organic it’s the best gromies
Brilliant always BUT I’m going all organic advanced nutrients iguana juice is the one