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Jungle Juice Bloom

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First time using this nutrients and I love it
Now my last grow I only used a few of there additives and mixed them with GHEs Flora series now tje last grow I had issues that kept popping up. This grow I switched to jungle juice very early and added the rest of there additives like Revive, bud Ignitor, bud factory X etc and this plant had ZERO issues. Looked extremely healthy, buds have a great weight and density to them and if the smoke tastes half as good as the plant smelled then it's going to be some soild smoke.
Пользуюсь данной базой около 2х лет, стимуляторы никогда не применял, в целом базой доволен...
The Jungle Juice program was great. I don't know how much the Big Bud Coco contributed to the yield, but . . . 185 grams!
Love advance nuts , but my main nutrients was my own compost , all organic :ok_hand:
I loved this. I watched the buds transform over night. Again I wish I had the product sooner into my grow because the results would have been even better.
excellent line of nutrients