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pH Perfect Bloom


Can't dream for more with this amazing set. :+1:
Used these as my base nutrients this time and they are great! Strayed from the bottle directions slightly sometimes, but it all worked perfectly!
Great for their intended purposes, soo happy with how this grow went and I suspect these may have had something to do with it!
Still haven't got dialed in with an yet. Very strong and I always seem to underfeed one and overfeed another. Good product though
Works well. Used at 1/3 strength to avoid nutrient burn after getting nutrient burn at 50% with once a week application.
very expensive this will be my opinion forever.
Хорошее базовое удобрение. Плюсы: не требует корректировки pH. Минусы: большой расход, сложности в общении со службой поддержки. Стимуляторы преимущественно ОК.
If follow the instruction exactly they work just as intended.
I ran a feed, feed flush feeding schedule. They ran well throughout the grow.
Il miglior marchio in commercio risponde a ogni annaffio very cool