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pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom Part A

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Absolutely extraordinary! Amazing products!:+1:
Advanced Nutrients produced amazing results as usual.
Sobre AN, que decir? Si no sacas Top-Shelf, culpa tuya! Igual que aqui bro! Best Quality Feed
Very good base nutrients. Sensizyme is very powerful. Flawless is very good. Sensi Bloom nutrients seem to be watered down connoisseur nutrients
Advanced Nutrients were great as usual.
Advanced Nutrients really enhanced the terps in this strain bringing out It's full aroma, and flavor. Making it a smooth, and enjoyable smoke. Very satisfied with these great products.
Advanced Nutrients were exceptional as usual. They really seem to bring out the best that a strain has to offer.:+1:
Very happy with results but had minor nutrient deficiencies when not using their full line