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pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom Part B

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Advance nutrients are exactly what they say. Can’t fault them at all.
Despite having heat stress, the result with advance nutrients was very good
Best nutrients, awesome bud aroma, no need to adjust ph.
Dyrt m Og undskyld jeg synes det er FOR DYRT men det er virker men prisen føj :nauseated_face:
Cultivation was good, I had some problems with caterpillars at the beginning, they ate half of two plants. Among the flora I had mold problems, this stressed me out on two plants, one of which generated cements. But it was still powerful.
ALT FOR DYRT. DU FÅR INTET FOR PENGENE, men det er nu ok hvis du ik har andet. Jeg er gået over til plagron og biobizz og hornum! :)
Of course it is restrictive to have several bottles, but the result is there, the plants are in very good health.
Really rate the stuff from advanced nutrients. First time using big bud and b52 so not sure if they really made any difference or not