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It seems to do the job. Recommend adding in microbes. That seems to help a lot.
These nutrients are more for a hydro setup. I know not to use them for my soil grows anymore. They are way too strong.
Mi sono trovato molto bene, mi sono tenuto più alto con il dosaggio rispetto alla tabella advance nutrient e comunque tutto è andato meravigliosamente bene, il bud ignitor lo consiglio a tutti
I've used it before and it was good, but it was a 50/50 mix of coco and soil, it works there. if you only use Soil it is not suitable PH to LOW.
Buenos fertilizantes, que ayudan a obtener un buen resultado.
As always, only nutrients I’ve used so I can’t compare them to anything else but I get big dense frosty buds so can’t complain.
Amazing results as always