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pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part A

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Perfect nutrients every time! Would highly recommend use all three of these items at around 50-60% strength.
Que decir de advanced... son una de las mejores lineas de fertilizantes del mercado y se puede apreciar en los resultados. :100::raised_hands:
С этими удобрениями всё просто и результативно, очень нравятся, буду пользоваться и дальше.
Since I started growing I use only Advanced Nutrients products, combined with the light quality, I only get the best results, imo AN is the best for hydroponics.
As expected, it worked very well, final results are still to come, but overall a success. I find you can really see when you start including rhino skin.
Prodotti ottimi! Consiglio a tutti soprattutto ai principianti. Il sistema Ph perfect è grande! Aiuta molto a stabilizzare l acqua
Programma di nutrizione ottimo e il sistema di regolazione del Ph è fantastico! Consiglio a tutti questi prodotti, soprattutto per i principianti!!!
Can't go wrong with Advanced Nutrients!