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pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part A

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I've tried biobizz before. but advanced nutrients are really successful. I don't have to set the ph. and I can see it works.
There's a reason they've been around so long. Top class Grow feed though I prefer the Monkey Nutrients bloom feeds
Top Dünger!! Dank der unterschiedlichen Produkte kann man die Nährstoffe je nach Bedarf super steuern.
Brilliant products, such a shame I couldn't finish
Best grow workflow once can never go wrong with them
First run with advanced, think I’ll go again, everything was :ok_hand:
Did the job and did it well, although pretty expensive but cannot complain seeing the quality of my nugs
I like this advanced nutrient stuff and will use it in future growing projects
Not completely sure but I get an ammonia smell in some plants and i suspect is coming from these fertilisers...will compare soon on some clones and find out
Lot product excellent results :muscle::skin-tone-2:
As always Premium Nutrients and very easy to use.