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pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part B


First time with these products and I'm glad I tried them will be continuing on with this combo
Very easy to use, I just followed their feeding program from the website. Like other users, I found cutting back a bit on the amount of nutes took care of any problems that arose. So lots left for a spring and summer grow.
Muy buen manejo. Teniendo la tabla de Advanced Nutrients como guía, son unos fertilizantes fáciles de usar y realmente los resultados sorprenden. Los seguiré usando en los próximos cultivos.
Never disappoint, this cycle I tried with sensi grow and the difference was huge compared to my previous cycle.
Advanced nutrients really great quality although pretty expensive, will be trying the shogun line up for my next grow and see if it’s just as good
Solid bet. You don't have to be a pro to use these... just follow the instructions on the container... easy mode.