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Advanced Nutrients #23

United States

Marquise_ao_Sul Apprentice
The nutrients are good but, we have to get all the weeks right, any mistake and you easilly burn.Voodoo juice and rhino skin i think they are very good for root and stem.
9 hours ago
hawkeye_diesel66 Apprentice
These products killed it again this grow.
11 hours ago
GreenDiamond Apprentice
Because we started running sterile, the beneficial microbe solutions are obsolete, but those microbe solutions weren't keeping our roots healthy like having sterile reservoirs has for them.
2 days ago
WhiteWidow Master
All nutrients deserve the best grade coz i have nothing to add against them. No nute burn, nice dense buds, frosty, no popcorn buds, all the grower can wish for. For more info check my feeding schedules and try it yourself, i also included ppm data and videos in some weeks.
2 days ago
Squirrel_Master Apprentice
I don't flush without it! :laughing:
2 days ago
TheGanj Newbie
My go to 3 part. Easy to use, effective, reasonably priced base nutes. Best part is the pH perfect technology, eliminates buying tons of pH up and down. I have had the same bottles of up and down for a full year since switching to the AN pH perfect line.
2 days ago
ermanno Newbie
i love this ferts
1 week ago
Baron_Codelli Apprentice
I start to use this for becouse my friends talk about it when we smoke a joint together.....Must tell that the smell of flower is pure citrus....
1 week ago
PlantingPot Apprentice
Advanced Nutrients are the ideal nutrients to use to keep your garden within a sensible budget. They have a lot of products in their nutrients line, and there's usually something for every strain. I'm not sure why they don't combine all of the ph Perfect formulas together because it doesn't appear like their feeding schedule recommendations change at all from veg to flower. It's a little odd to be giving the plants pH Perfect Bloom during the early stages of veg, but that's what they've listed out for feeding. Personally, I don't think the Perfect Bloom does as much as the Bud Candy and B-52 for auto-flowering plants during the flowering stage.
2 weeks ago
UKauto Apprentice
Pretty much always used AN products. good stuff in my opinion
2 weeks ago
Mr_Di Master
Good but.... 1 - after 3 days in reservoir ph perfect formula does not works, ph go from 5,78 to 6.30-6.40. 2 - after 50 days of utilization, in my cal mag extra bottle I found a white mold on liquid surface.
2 weeks ago
Hellhazard Newbie
It was hard/impossible to follow directions because there is no information for how/when to feed autoflowers which have such a short lifespan... These nutrients certainly worked though!
2 weeks ago
DrNovaCream Apprentice
DrNovaCream Apprentice
Amazing Product if you Follow the Guide the community give then you will go far with these Product!:relieved:
4 weeks ago
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