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Cbygrow Newbie
I must say that i am impressed with voodoo juice , cleared all my water temps issued and gave me a real clear water everytime i woukd change it . Creating a peace of mind for my grow while i go away from home and water temps reach the low 70 to 72
7 hours ago
MUDBUG Apprentice
Once again TOP NOTCH u get wat u pay for:writing_hand::writing_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:: 1:: 1:
1 day ago
UncleSkunk Newbie
I must say that I prefer them I can not judge the yield but the ease of use I have never gone over I will continue to use them ..Flawless Finishis a bomb...
1 day ago
LoudOnlyplz Newbie
Great stuff, used it on my tomatoes and peppers and its definitely keeping them healthy. Will continue to use this as well.
2 days ago
Kooky Newbie
Absolutely loved this nutrient. I don't have much to compare it too since this is my first time growing, but it was available at an extremely affordable price relative to others, and you don't have to waste money on a pH stick or pH up/down because it's pH perfect every single time. Only complaint I can think of is that neck of the bottle is short and wide so if you're pouring into a measuring cup and not being not being extremely careful it spills everywhere and leaks down the side. Other than that, it's phenomenal and I will definitely be purchasing this again.
2 days ago
BigDaddyK GrandMaster
pH Perfect:registered: Connoisseur Bloom Part A: Used this one on blackberry B
5 days ago
JARchives Apprentice
Love all their products. Started out with a competitor but AN is the only way for me.
6 days ago
otzicore Newbie
Its good, use at half strength. A bit pricey
1 week ago
Larimar Apprentice
Calmag extra saved me one time more was not necesssary. i did and own calmag mix in the beginnig of veg
1 week ago
1013higgins Newbie
Used this weeks 4-8. Leaves were dark green with little yellow tips at week 8 so plants just got water for weeks 9-12.
2 weeks ago
excellent nutrients so easy to use and giving great results
2 weeks ago
Larimar Apprentice
Worked fine to her, but she got a few times Hammerhead. Calmag was great and fixed some stress
2 weeks ago
Heresay Newbie
I recommend the advanced nutrients. They really helped to fatten up my buds and kept my plants growing along at the right speed.
2 weeks ago
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