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Advanced Nutrients #31

United States

Wheetobeme Apprentice
Love em
2 days ago
big bud definitely helped leaves keep a lush green colour throughout
3 days ago
alienscrog Newbie
More resin andare oil
4 days ago
1plant_closetgrow Apprentice
Easy, simple base. Love that it's organic, did well with this plant
4 days ago
PharmaZ Apprentice
Easy to use and very beneficial.
5 days ago
Quexos Apprentice
I really liked the simplicity of using this line of nutrients. The pH perfect line made adding nutes a breeze. They were also very forgiving. I know I pushed the nutes hard during flowering, and my girl didn't seem to mind. I'll keep using this line. You gotta love the artwork too!
5 days ago
Hawkbo Master
The b52 and bud ignitor both got chunky after less than a month, the big bud coco isnt great for drip lines and is a weird thick/foamy substance that requires stirring before each watering can fill-up. I like the nirvana bc ig contains natural and organic components which contribute to a more natural, potent aroma that is more true to the genetics.
7 days ago
RocBudInc Apprentice
didn't use long enough but have the entire advanced
7 days ago
weed_gastro Newbie
not an expert, but worked out well:)
7 days ago
Amazing idiot proof nutrients. I used tap water and didn’t ph test it once. Not a single issue and plants have outgrown expectations in all ways. As I had never grown before I chose advanced nutrients because they made it all really simple, one less thing to worry about when you are learning something new.
1 week ago
Joint Apprentice
TOTEM Master
Everything good. I can’t judge single nutes, but altogether they did a great job. I noticed that this time buds got extremely fat one week after I added Overdrive to the reservoir. I tried Rhino Skin for the first time, as well as Cal-Mag Extra, and I liked them. Just make sure to follow PPM guidelines. Unfortunately Advanced Nutrients doesn’t have a PPM chart for its nutes, but I’ve found an interesting post on a forum where AN’s support once explained to a user how to properly use its nutes that way (PPM chart reservoir and pump solution):
1 week ago
Cinderman Newbie
: 1:
1 week ago
Marquise_ao_Sul Apprentice
I like a lot this nutrients ...they are really good and make the job right... Dont overpass the dosage and thats fine!
1 week ago
Tazard Master
Wow other than the lack of filtering (lots of particles to clog manifold) the results are amazing.
2 weeks ago
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