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Advanced Nutrients

Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity

Good booster :muscle:

5 hours ago

Works great will continue to use. Would like to try there flawless finish sometime maybe next grow.

10 hours ago

always love my cal-mag, spurts the growth at an early age

1 day ago

Very good nutrients !! I recommended

2 days ago


2 days ago

Cant find fault with this lot really 2nd time I've used them and pleased with the results again, I will have to try somthing else somewhen as a test but don't want to waste my time just incase :joy::joy:

2 days ago

Learning. Things went well so I can't complain. I do give this a great rating 9 out of ten for now . I do wish that I had the whole line of this product, eventually maybe or because now there is a new organic version...... of this line up, it will be my goal to change to this cause I would prefer organic.

2 days ago

Works well. Used at 1/3 strength to avoid nutrient burn after getting nutrient burn at 50% with once a week application.

3 days ago
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