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Advanced Nutrients

Making Cannabis an Acceptable and Everyday Part of Healing Humanity

Piranha (friendly fungi) and Voodoo Juice (friendly microbes) truly help the plant to grow big and strong
Big Bud Power will help you get the really big buds.

1 hour ago

The best organic fertilizers I've ever tasted!!

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5 hours ago

Great nutrients, too expensive for my liking but will continue to use the big bud, bud candy and overdrive. Dosages a little bit high especially for auto flowers.

9 hours ago

super fertilizer, use of additives.

really good results just pay attention to doses with autoflowering, those with NPK should be half dose (even if use 1 time in 2 or 3)

voodoo juice and piranha are really perfect (life in the soil has a pH parfat until the end)

i don't know if it's the bud ignitor but the first flowers arrived quickly, the strech was perfect with that the time before maturity was accurate see shorter!

the b52, bud candy and nirvana also worked well (just too dosed for the auto for the b52)

the flawless finish is perfect this is the best rinse additive I could use I really even advice with other range of fertilizers!

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10 hours ago

For some reason it didn’t do very well in my hands

2 days ago

This stuff works good in dwc, love that you don’t have to mess with the ph

2 days ago

Cant really gudge

3 days ago

we'll see when i do a smoke report in a couple of weeks

3 days ago

I think all this five works well...but probably the best are the will can see immediately it works

3 days ago

Rock solid buds :gem::gem:

3 days ago
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