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Il mio preferito. Eccellente
Хорошее базовое удобрение. Плюсы: не требует корректировки pH. Минусы: большой расход, сложности в общении со службой поддержки. Стимуляторы преимущественно ОК.
Il miglior marchio in commercio risponde a ogni annaffio very cool
Very good as always
It’s pretty tough to say anything negative about Advanced other than they have mastered marketing and it would be greatly appreciated if they could combine some of the supplements.....lots of bottles in their full line:grinning: Pretty hard to argue with the results of products like Voodoo Juice, B52, and Overdrive!!!
Very good as always
I am very happy with Advenced nutrients. I made 40g per plant without bud boosters. I like all your products and I have the old stash. I had thick stiff brenches, thanks to AN products
I still need more data from grows and more comparisons to really have a confident opinion. The only product that definitely works wonders is B52. Rhino skin also saves your plants from harsh weather conditions and gives it an extra strength. For the rest Im still working on it.