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Love love love the pH perfect, wouldn’t grow without it now. All the problems I have had before were solved with this. The rest of the range I would slim down. Rhino skin, ancient earth, nirvana I wouldn’t bother with again, nirvana just doesn’t have time to do much with autos. Ancient earth cant see any benefit from. Rhino skin, cheaper alternatives out there, plus it didnt stop stems bending under weight.
Absolutely extraordinary! Amazing products!:+1:
Advanced Nutrients produced amazing results as usual.
Top Dünger!! Dank der unterschiedlichen Produkte kann man die Nährstoffe je nach Bedarf super steuern.
Sobre AN, que decir? Si no sacas Top-Shelf, culpa tuya! Igual que aqui bro! Best Quality Feed
Great , first time using the whole line up.
Sensizym and Rhinoskin are the most effective by eyes...but I think the trio microbs+fungi are a good product...but I prefere to see all in one bottle to be honest :raised_hands:
Advanced Nutrients were great as usual.
Stable PH and all were growing great!
Advanced Nutrients really enhanced the terps in this strain bringing out It's full aroma, and flavor. Making it a smooth, and enjoyable smoke. Very satisfied with these great products.
Advanced Nutrients were exceptional as usual. They really seem to bring out the best that a strain has to offer.:+1:
I love how they make my greeny greenah