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It seems to do the job. Recommend adding in microbes. That seems to help a lot.
I love the brand the best plants and tastes that i ever grow and smoked
Best feeding i'd ever use for all my grow. I'm just trying other one for now, but nothing is like Advanced Nutrients
They seemed to gain some vigor with these additions.
Mi sono trovato molto bene, mi sono tenuto più alto con il dosaggio rispetto alla tabella advance nutrient e comunque tutto è andato meravigliosamente bene, il bud ignitor lo consiglio a tutti
I’m usually always happy with how AN performs; this growni switched out sensi bloom for connoisseur bloom and it has made a big difference with the end result.
I switched out the sensi bloom for the connoisseur bloom and it truly made all the difference for me; I quite like this product line and what it does for the plants when it is operating properly.
I think I will try this product again in the future now that my water quality will be better with the RO. My hydro store was having trouble getting it so I got Remo instead. The only downfall I’d say is price of the additives they’re twice as other brands. But the technology on the base seems interesting.
As always, only nutrients I’ve used so I can’t compare them to anything else but I get big dense frosty buds so can’t complain.
Nothing but good things to say about all these Advanced nutrient products. They did exactly what they were made to do. I find different plants respond more or less to these liquid nutes. However it is manageable.
Amazing results as always