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I like the convenience of not having to adjust pH each time you feed and using full strength of part a and b usually burns tips
Super sticky top shelf buds with this brand so won't change
I LOVE advanced. Trying master blend next grow and mantis after. Gunna do some side by side comparison grows too
no es cómoda, no la volveria a usar
Once you understand that those are very strong and use them half dose of what manufacturers are saying, it is a very good product. Cant compare with other nutrients as ive only used those but very happy with the results
They work so well perfectly together.But always listen to your plant.So that the plant and nutrient will be synchronized...
Il mio preferito. Eccellente
Cant find fault with this lot really 2nd time I've used them and pleased with the results again, I will have to try somthing else somewhen as a test but don't want to waste my time just incase :joy::joy: