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Loved growing with Aptus for the first time. Not sure yet, but although they were'nt as productive and didn't have such trichomes as the greenplanet ones, Aptus gave me some of the best built plants I've ever had, and compared with the others I felt like the timing of each nutrient in each stage is really well calculated, they went through the changes much smoother than the others. And better smells with Aptus as well! (:

3 days ago

Great product, plant made it super easy through the food even in small container as i used this run. It's gonna be part of my nuts forever

5 days ago

excelent enzymes complex ! the root systems will absolutely love them

1 week ago

Works good :+1::skin-tone-2::blush:

2 weeks ago

very good but be sure that you can mesure PPM or TDS to not burn your plants , it changed my grow

3 weeks ago

No surprises with this range. If you stick to the feeding schedule you get results and some. My only regret is i should of added the Breakout powder during the last 3 weeks of flower as noticeable difference in weight and size but believe will be stronger THC level and nicer taste.
Still cleaning up and will update weight soon.

2 months ago

Blessed with what for me is the best <3 they all 5 stars my bad and cant edit <3

2 months ago

Really great product with incredible results.

Regulator is a product that everyone should always add, plus enzym+ I didn’t noticed particularly deficiency I’ve been following the Extreme program.

Just a curiosity: Super pk could be used as a ph+ too

3 months ago

Very satisfied with the aptus nutricions, gonna stay with them.

3 months ago

I love to grow with Aptus, I have been growing with many brands, but I preff to grow with Aptus :)

3 months ago

great! <3 use it once a week after 3 weeks in the same pot.

4 months ago
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