Aptus Plant Tech produces and delivers to the market fertilizers, soil improvement products, insects repellents and specialty boosters. The collection contains 3 basic lines: Plant Care, Insect & Soil Care and Specialty Booster.

APTUS invested a lot of time and money in developing alternative nutrition programs, for all kind of crops, based on soil bioremediation, plant stimulation and proper nutrition.

Aptus Plant Tech provides high concentrated, 100% organic nutrients. All products meet high quality standards and contains multiple active ingredients.

The production is based on the latest technological and scientific discoveries. Every bottle is carefully tested and packed according the highest standards.

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Starting my first coco grow, I quickly learned how crucial managing pH and EC is. I initially used the Aptus Extreme nutrient schedule, but as a beginner not yet familiar with these products, it might not have been the ideal choice. This led to a bit of nutrient burn and confusion on my part. Things significantly improved when I shifted closer to the Pro nutrition schedule. From this experience, I learned it's helpful to begin with a simpler nutrient plan and gradually work up to more complex schedules like Aptus Extreme.
4 months ago
By far the best nutrition i could ever ask <3 <3 <3 thank you Aptus hollad for blessing me and all my gardens <3 <3 <3
4 months ago
Pretty good nutrients but not for keeping in reservoir. They kept on rising in ph in tank and in autopot trays.
5 months ago
What 3 things would I take to a deserted island? Aptus Nutrispray, All in One Pellets and a cannabis seed. 😋
5 months ago
Love this nutrient line!! I use Aptus pellets in each pot, always 10g per litre of soil.
5 months ago
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