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Love this nutrient line!! I use Aptus pellets in each pot, always 10g per litre of soil.
I used 10g pellets per litre of soil, and it seemed to be just fine for this strain. Recommend the whole nutrient line!! Love them!:muscle::green_heart:
simply the best , truly dont think there are any better on the market
Very happy, the pellets work like a charm! I love the modules, gives you maximum freedom. Nutrispray is just a blessing to the plants!
Awesome nutrients, give your plants what they need, when they need it! :green_heart:
i truly am thankful for being blessed with the best of the best in my humble opinion
Blessed with the best, i encorare all to try them out and see for yourself <3 <3 <3
For me the best of the Best
blessed with the what for me is the worlds best sponsor and nutrient line
Pretty good nutrients but not for keeping in reservoir. They kept on rising in ph in tank and in autopot trays.
First time growing with aptus and only good things to talk about it! Comparing with the other plants I had better structure with Aptus ones and the transitions of each week of the grow/bloom are way smoother, the nutrient calculations are really well done .. Good and dense buds with great smell!