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Compleet and a nice growdiagram
aptus ih the shiiit..strong for autos, maybe beginners should give nutes every other watering
As always nice nutrients that will boost babies in early veg phase! Just be careful with dosage as very concentrated ;)
best stuff ever.. it just made my harvest better :100:
Una pasada los resultados con aptus!
aptus is the shit.. in combination with biobizz you cant go wrong... definitely too strong for autoflowers but its quality stuff
Amazing product. Never seen roots spawning from the bottom so fast!
Good nutes but dont like high concetration of nutes.need only 1ml for 4l.but they work very good
very good stuff for roots but cap on the bottle kill me.bottle always in smudges
Superb fertilizer! Used from start to finish and gave me a purple buds :D