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Ata Terra Leaves


Me entregó una variada nutrición a la planta, en todos sus procesos, lo que se ve reflejado en el resultado final
Rootbastic es perfect Terra leaves hace su trabajo, por el precio, lo recomendo. Terra max, lo veo flaquito.
Gracias Atami por los precios! Esperaba un poquito mas de los base de atami. El terra leaves perfect pero el terra max, lo veo flaquito.
I love the atami grow stuff I think their rootfast is amazing and Terra leaves is just enough!
Thank you Atami for this 2 years toghether
good but when they're done I'd like to try something organic
Simple line. I'll update missing information after smoke the :crossed_fingers:
Growing with Atami is my hobby. Ata have good grow stimulators and boosters, but flowering boosters and stimulators asre from middle class. But BEST I ever use :smile_cat: