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Atami has been working since 1997. Because of testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards. Atami succeeded in conquering the world. Their customers are from over more than 40 countries in the world. It is really a professional botanical research bureau.

Atami products have the high quality and high concentrated. The result is products are economical in use and optimally balanced. Atami has three different nutrition lines B'cuzz, ATA and ATA Organics.

The B'cuzz is for the pro-grower who is looking for an prime return on his harvest. The ATA is for the grower who wants to grow as simply and easily as possible, but not at the expense of the quality of the crop. The ATA Organics products are a necessity for the organic grower.


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Cosmic Snacks
16 weeks
Cosmic Snacks Mr_Motalovah
Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) Feminized
24 comments · 2 months ago
Northern Lights Auto by RQS FIRST.GROW
13 weeks
Northern Lights Auto by RQS FIRST.GROW EXZELENS
Northern Light Automatic
17 comments · 1 year ago
Cream Caramel - TOP / LST
21 weeks
Cream Caramel - TOP / LST Mr_Motalovah
Cream Caramel®
46 comments · 9 months ago
PURPLE PUNCH From Barney*s Farm
11 weeks
PURPLE PUNCH From Barney*s Farm Wachsemilian
Purple Punch
59 comments · 2 years ago
Blueberry Cookies From Dinafem
12 weeks
Blueberry Cookies From Dinafem Wachsemilian
Blueberry Cookies
64 comments · 2 years ago
Outdoor mainline (64 mains)
25 weeks
Outdoor mainline (64 mains) urbi09
Sensi Skunk
51 comments · 2 years ago

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3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds)
15 weeks
3x Lemon Pie Auto (Fastbuds) DoDrugs420
Lemon Pie Auto
65 comments · 8 months ago
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress)
14 weeks
2x Gorilla Glue Auto (weedseedsexpress) DoDrugs420
Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds
38 comments · 9 months ago
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds)
17 weeks
2x Green Gelatto Auto (RoyalQueenSeeds) DoDrugs420
Green Gelato Automatic
29 comments · 8 months ago
Mixed strains
23 weeks
Mixed strains XII_XII_MrGreen
+4 strains
96 comments · 1 year ago
13 weeks
115 comments · 1 year ago
Sensi #741 by TOTEM
20 weeks
Sensi #741 by TOTEM TOTEM
Sensi #741 Fem
77 comments · 2 years ago
16 weeks
Royal Gorilla
119 comments · 11 months ago
12 weeks
DOS SI DOS #33 BRAND NEW!!!!! Wachsemilian
Dos Si Dos 33
81 comments · 1 year ago

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The Tscherys
1 week
The Tscherys Tschery190
+1 strain
4 comments · 4 days ago
fastbuds AK auto
4 weeks
fastbuds AK auto progrowerTR
AK Auto
9 comments · 7 days ago
Blue cheese.
2 weeks
Blue cheese. Hazardis
barneys farm blue cheese
8 comments · 3 days ago
Auto Ultimate second grow
2 weeks
Auto Ultimate second grow tachyon
Auto Ultimate
7 comments · 3 days ago
Green poison
2 weeks
Green poison Growing88
Green Poison®
12 comments · 1 week ago
Orange sherbet auto
3 weeks
Orange sherbet auto Growing88
Orange Sherbet Auto
8 comments · 17 hours ago
Dark devil
4 weeks
Dark devil Growing88
Dark Devil Auto®
9 comments · 18 hours ago
Blackberry Gum Auto - Seedstocker
3 weeks
Blackberry Gum Auto - Seedstocker Targona
Blackberry Gum Autoflower
19 comments · 4 days ago

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Impeccable product improves taste quality.

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3 days ago

good product, attention to the nitrogen dose

3 days ago

Roottbastic and atazyme for life

1 week ago

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