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Atami has been working since 1997. Because of testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards. Atami succeeded in conquering the world. Their customers are from over more than 40 countries in the world. It is really a professional botanical research bureau.

Atami products have the high quality and high concentrated. The result is products are economical in use and optimally balanced. Atami has three different nutrition lines B'cuzz, ATA and ATA Organics.

The B'cuzz is for the pro-grower who is looking for an prime return on his harvest. The ATA is for the grower who wants to grow as simply and easily as possible, but not at the expense of the quality of the crop. The ATA Organics products are a necessity for the organic grower.


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Very good product a first for me.
I recommend and really top of the top :+1:

3 weeks ago

Product that I use no worries and I recommend to all growers

3 weeks ago

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guys, I'm using a 80x80x180 tent with a growsystem airpot 5L and cocos + automatic watering system. What fertilizer do you recommend?