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This shit is a pump!

13 hours ago

I have to say already on their own could be enough even to grow healthy plants.. Being minerals give immediately the blow of nutrients so you have to be careful and in fact I risked. Being the first time I use them I find myself satisfied and I can say that for their price they are great.. Always use less than half of the recommended doses with pH adjusted as it says on the package... 4 stars!!!

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23 hours ago

I've used the organic version of this product. Maybe it was my fault combining it with the other fertilizers but I dind't felt a big difference using this one instead of no using a PK booster.

5 days ago

Superb performance, the final toutch of bloombastic increase the trichomes 100%, I recommend :star2:

6 days ago

Bloombastic is the Real shiet on the market, you dont need another PK booster.

3 weeks ago

Always had a great result with this nutrients, they are really concentrated and are enough by themselves to finish a plant!

4 weeks ago

are still being tested with these products

1 month ago

Atami is good, but for now I used only Calmag, so can not say anything about the basic nutrients.

1 month ago

I can rely on these nutrients, I use them on all plants :wink:

1 month ago

being tested

1 month ago
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