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Uprising Foundation


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Tropicana Cookies PEV Roots Organics
11 weeks
Tropicana Cookies PEV Roots Organics the_canna_scientist
Tropicana Cookies Autoflowering
21 comments · 20 hours ago
RQS Royal Cheese Auto Soil Blend1
10 weeks
RQS Royal Cheese Auto Soil Blend1 the_canna_scientist
Royal Cheese Automatic
24 comments · 20 hours ago
G13 x Blueberry headband
12 weeks
G13 x Blueberry headband PakaloloTingz
G13 x Blueberry Headband
22 comments · 1 day ago
Karmic Connection NightOwl RootsOrganics
7 weeks
Karmic Connection NightOwl RootsOrganics the_canna_scientist
Night Owl Seeds - Karmic Connection
11 comments · 2 days ago
Free.M.O FreeworldGenetics RootsOrganics
2 weeks
Free.M.O FreeworldGenetics RootsOrganics the_canna_scientist
FREE.M.O (Freeworld Chem x GMO
3 comments · 2 days ago
Purple Wreck
7 weeks
Purple Wreck PakaloloTingz
Purple Wreck
7 comments · 3 days ago
Blue Cheese Autos
7 weeks
Blue Cheese Autos Shift_E
Blue Cheese Autoflower
2 comments · 3 days ago
Forgotten Cookies Tester
7 weeks
Forgotten Cookies Tester Gr33nFi3ld
Forgotten Cookies
14 comments · 3 days ago
Orangeutang Tester
7 weeks
Orangeutang Tester Gr33nFi3ld
6 comments · 3 days ago
Super Orange Haze
12 weeks
Super Orange Haze Gr33nFi3ld
Super Orange Haze
19 comments · 4 days ago
Freedom of Seeds Godberry
14 weeks
Freedom of Seeds Godberry PakaloloTingz
Freedom of Seeds Godberry
9 comments · 4 days ago
Mephisto Double Grape Mainline
12 weeks
Mephisto Double Grape Mainline pattyfatsaxxx
Double Grape
12 comments · 2 weeks ago
Mind Eraser No Chaser
13 weeks
Mind Eraser No Chaser Chowswooster
Amnesia Haze Auto
10 comments · 2 weeks ago
Gelato.OG AUTO?
11 weeks
Gelato.OG AUTO? the_canna_scientist
Gelat.OG Auto
29 comments · 2 weeks ago
High Caliber Genetics
7 weeks
High Caliber Genetics Chowswooster
+1 strain
9 comments · 2 weeks ago
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