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CalMag 2.0


First time Iv used calmag seemed to have helped not had any problems so must have done something bloom stimulator don’t no if it helped or not gave both plants same nutrients all the way and they were both different sized budz at the end so unsure on the stimulator
Highly Concentrated CAL/MAG. this is required usually for a deficiency which usually occurs around 2nd week of flowering. I have fed the plants twice a week with this and they gotten better.
This is highly concentrated cal/mag solution. applied twice a week at full strength fixed my deficiency
Working well for my plants. Must always add it under the led light and this one did a good job.
Used it till half way through the crop. It did great during the growth phase but very high in N so I replaced it with GHE's Cal/Mag for the flowering stage which has much lower N.