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B.A.C (Biological Activated Cocktail) is a producer of nutrition, stimulators, plant enhancers and substrates for organic and other cultivation. It focuses on organic cultivation.

Founder Frits has obtained knowledge in the cultivation of roses and still uses his expertise as an agricultural and horticultural consultant in the Netherlands and overseas. He is famous in India and South America for his vast  experience in the field of soil life and micro-organisms.

An important part of products are intended for export. B.A.C professionals specialize in the ins and outs of agriculture and horticulture, not graphic design.




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Cogollo_eu Apprentice
Im definitevly changing Fast Food and auto stimulator for more specific liquids on my nexts auto growings. I can't use the liquids as B.A.C. says on them tables as they will break my E.C. in a hard way so i had to use them in low doses reading E.C. all the time. Maybe in the future i will test them again, but at time i'm moving completely to Advanced Nutrient "Iguana" bases to give them a try. Anyway i'm going to still use the rest of the B.A.C liquids i use as i like them very much. ***** Definitivamente voy a cambiar Fast Food y Auto Stimulator por líquidos más específicos en mis siguientes plantaciones de autos. No puedo usar estos líquidos como dicen las tablas de B.A.C. pues me desfasan la E.C. muy muy rápido, por que los tengo que ir echando poco a poco y midiendo la E.C. Quizás en un futuro les vuelva a dar una oportunidad, pero por el momento me voy a mover a las bases "Iguana" de Advanced Nutrients. Aún así el resto de los líquidos de BAC los voy a seguir usando pues me parecen muy buenos.
3 weeks ago
GrowZex Apprentice
Good stuff
1 month ago
Cogollo_eu Apprentice
Nothing good or bad to say, just a good nutrients family. No tengo nada malo ni bueno que decir, simplemente una buena marca de nutrientes.
2 months ago
ProfesorExplicito Apprentice
I'm leaving PK booster, bloom nutrition still my favorite
2 months ago

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