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B.A.C (Biological Activated Cocktail) is a producer of nutrition, stimulators, plant enhancers and substrates for organic and other cultivation. It focuses on organic cultivation.

Founder Frits has obtained knowledge in the cultivation of roses and still uses his expertise as an agricultural and horticultural consultant in the Netherlands and overseas. He is famous in India and South America for his vast  experience in the field of soil life and micro-organisms.

An important part of products are intended for export. B.A.C professionals specialize in the ins and outs of agriculture and horticulture, not graphic design.


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In need of a Critical Cure (CBD)
19 weeks
In need of a Critical Cure (CBD) HazeyBobby
CBD Critical Cure
67 comments · 4 months ago
Gorilla Glue
15 weeks
Gorilla Glue Cogollo_eu
47 comments · 1 year ago
Girl Scout Cookies
11 weeks
Girl Scout Cookies Cogollo_eu
Girl Scout Cookies
2 years ago

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In need of a Critical Cure (CBD) HazeyBobby
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//Fast buds - one love//
14 weeks
//Fast buds - one love// YourDream
+1 strain
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20 weeks
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Humboldt Gorilla Breath
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22 weeks
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Gorilla Zkittlez
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15 weeks
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Rus.Grower: HiFi 4G RussianGrower
HiFi 4G
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Working well for my plants. Must always add it under the led light and this one did a good job.

8 hours ago

Used it till half way through the crop. It did great during the growth phase but very high in N so I replaced it with GHE's Cal/Mag for the flowering stage which has much lower N.

1 week ago

my first experience with B.A.C and I'm really satisfied

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1 week ago

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