B.A.C (Biological Activated Cocktail) is a producer of nutrition, stimulators, plant enhancers and substrates for organic and other cultivation. It focuses on organic cultivation.

Founder Frits has obtained knowledge in the cultivation of roses and still uses his expertise as an agricultural and horticultural consultant in the Netherlands and overseas. He is famous in India and South America for his vast  experience in the field of soil life and micro-organisms.

An important part of products are intended for export. B.A.C professionals specialize in the ins and outs of agriculture and horticulture, not graphic design.

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While I'm not entirely certain about the necessity of a wetting agent in Coco, I found B.A.C. Yuccah to be quite helpful. My plants were relatively large and bushy (about 45 cm) in their somewhat small containers (8L), and even with watering the coco to achieve a good 20% runoff twice daily, the medium sometimes tended to dry out more than it should. Using Yuccah seemed to assist in maintaining the medium's moisture level more effectively, which is crucial for coco-based growing
6 months ago
I don't know if it helped but I cannot say anything bad about it
7 months ago
The BAC blooming products never failed me so far ... So I keep using them
7 months ago
Me encanta, buen precio y complementado con nitrógeno.
7 months ago
👍 voor zowel de Silicapower als de Calmag 2.0
7 months ago
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Hi, Could you add this : to the list please ? cheers