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Bringing home the goods on the reg
Always reliable and produces nicely
Keeps churning out delicious bud every time
Bio Diesel make great nutes with an easy feed guide that even beginners like me can follow easily and the results of my yield speak for themselves! :heart_eyes:
I definitely haven't got the nutes dialied yet, that's more about me than them. Resin production clearly increased with the Rinho K.
The only brand I’d consider using , the results speak for themselves.
Great nutrient brand! With top blokes running it with effective and great service, Would 100% recommend!
I have not tried other nutrient lines so I cannot compare, however I find these very easy to use and the plants love them.
Seemed to work well, both my plants responded best to less than half the manufacturers recommended dosage. First grow so nothing to compare it with.
Great i guess first grow so nothing to compare to.