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From now on, my new set of fertilizers. Never before have I had such a green and healthy plant. When I say plants, I mean not only cannabis but also chilli plants. My wonderful Trinidad Scorpion is just starting to mature and the plants are as big as trees :pray: :pray: :pray:
My first choice and just so easy to have to use only 1 component for the entire grow
Como siempre una pasada, sencillo con unos resultados muy buenos, con especial mención a Silution, muy bueno!!
Es un excelente fertilizante
The ease of using 1 component is just amazing
The ease of using only 1 component is simply amazing
Super product and very easy to use
Super easy to use just 1 component for the entire grow....super easy
Very easy to use and works magic everytime...the ease of only needing 1 component is just so relaxed....:heart::heart:
The ease of using only 1 component with amazing results is mindboggling