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Sweet Seeds - Devil Cream Auto
9 weeks
Sweet Seeds - Devil Cream Auto GreenPeace
Devil Cream Auto®
17 comments · 3 months ago
Pinkman Goo by Silky
23 weeks
Pinkman Goo by Silky Silky_smooth
Pinkman Goo feminized seeds
65 comments · 11 months ago

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Pinkman Goo by Silky
23 weeks
Pinkman Goo by Silky Silky_smooth
Pinkman Goo feminized seeds
65 comments · 11 months ago
Gelato Zkittlez(spiderfarmer test)
19 weeks
Gelato Zkittlez(spiderfarmer test) Silky_smooth
Gelato Zkittlez Feminized
86 comments · 11 months ago
Gorilla glue by Silky
18 weeks
Gorilla glue by Silky Silky_smooth
Gorilla Glue Auto
90 comments · 12 months ago
Alien invasion
19 weeks
Alien invasion Silky_smooth
Fruity pebbles
75 comments · 1 year ago
Kalini Asia by Silky
19 weeks
Kalini Asia by Silky Silky_smooth
Kalini Asia
9 comments · 6 months ago
RQS Fat Banana Auto
15 weeks
RQS Fat Banana Auto Bud_Spencer
Fat Banana Automatic
56 comments · 6 months ago
Super Silver Haze (Zambeza)
20 weeks
Super Silver Haze (Zambeza) BillMonroe
Super Silver Haze
61 comments · 2 years ago
Malawi gold by Silky
16 weeks
Malawi gold by Silky Silky_smooth
Malawi Gold
39 comments · 11 months ago
Fluxing project
19 weeks
Fluxing project GreenISR
Chocolate Mint OG
56 comments · 10 months ago

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420 Fastbuds
2 weeks
420 Fastbuds StonedBob
+2 strains
2 comments · 6 days ago
First grow ever in a Space Bucket
13 weeks
First grow ever in a Space Bucket BluntZilla
Amherst Sour Diesel
4 comments · 2 weeks ago
Californian Snow - FastBuds
3 weeks
Californian Snow - FastBuds GrowerFromHell
Californian Snow
4 comments · 3 days ago
White widow bluemmagic
1 week
White widow bluemmagic Growly
White widow bluemmagic
3 weeks ago
A tangieble odissey
8 weeks
A tangieble odissey Odissey
5 comments · 2 weeks ago
WEDDING CAKE auto (Only Flowering)
4 weeks
WEDDING CAKE auto (Only Flowering) GrowerFromHell
Wedding Cake Auto
10 comments · 6 days ago
6 weeks
GORILLA GLUE auto GrowerFromHell
Gorilla Glue Auto
14 comments · 2 weeks ago
3 weeks
ZKITTLEZ OG auto GrowerFromHell
Zkittlez OG Auto
8 comments · 2 weeks ago

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Good fertilizer. Looks neat and easy to dose.

No nutrient deficiencies and no PH UP or PH Down required

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15 hours ago

Pretty good fertilizer with potential for great results!!

I used Bio-Nova fertilizers for most of my first grows and as much as it is a good fertilizer containing most of the elements needed for a complete cycle it isn't the most beginner friendly since it is easy to both overfeed and underfeed.

2 weeks ago

Good product

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2 weeks ago

Works great. You do not have to reduce the dose as sometimes advised. This stuff is made directly for autoflowers. I even add little more PK during mid flower.

1 month ago

Amazing nutrient line. Reliable and produced great results.

1 month ago

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